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Nitek Axis Veilux NVT Ditek Transmission

Axis is the global market leader in network video. The company brings the benefits of network video technology to professional video surveillance and remote monitoring applications, introducing the world's first network camera in 1996. Axis is a Swedish-based company, operating worldwide with offices in 18 countries and cooperating with partners in more than 70 countries.

  1. NVT NV-EC1701PLS-XKIT Single 60 Watt Transmission System (Coax or UTP)

      • Single 60 Watt Transmission System (Coax or UTP)
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  2. Axis 0319-004 P7701 1 Channel Network Video Decoder

      • Decodes H.264, MPEG-4 and Motion JPEG
      • Digital or analog video output
      • Sequence mode and auto-connect on alarm
      • High-quality audio, Power over Ethernet
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    SKU: 0319-004
  3. Axis 01489-001 T8645 PoE+ Coax Compact Kit

      • No need for re-cabling, keep the coax
      • Single-channel solution
      • PoE and PoE+ over the coax cable
      • Ease of installation
      • Supports Axis network video products
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    SKU: 01489-001
  4. Axis 01186-004 T8705 Discrete 1080p Video Decoder w/ HDMI Output

      • HDTV 1080p HMDI video decoder
      • Sequence and multiview
      • VESA mount included
      • Integrated in Axis solutions
      • Axis camera discovery
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    SKU: 01186-004
  5. Axis 0417-031 P7214 4-Channel Barebone Video Encoder

      • Full Frame Rate
      • Simultaneous H.264 & Motion JPEG
      • Edge Storage
      • High Resolution Quad-View
      • 2-Way Audio
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    SKU: 0417-031
  6. NVT NV-ECBSE-1X Phybridge EC-Base Long Reach PoE++ Extender

      • Phybridge EC-Base Long Reach PoE++ Extender
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  7. Axis 0575-004 Q7920 High-Density Rack Mount Video Encoder Chassis (5U)

      • Holds up to 14 hot-swappable blades
      • Power and network redundancy
      • I/O and serial port support
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    SKU: 0575-004
  8. NVT NV-3213 32 Channel Passive Hub

      • High-Density 19" 1U high enclosure features 32 ports
      • Full motion CCTV at distances up to 750ft (225m) with any NVT passive transceiver
      • Full motion CCTV at distances up to 3,000ft (1km) with any NVT active transceiver
      • Includes Built-in transient protection
      • Includes RJ45 video connectivity
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    SKU: NV-3213
  9. Axis 02036-004 M7116 16 Channel Video Encoder with Zipstream

      • 30 fps on all 16 channels
      • PTZ control
      • Zipstream with support for H.264/H.265
      • Signed firmware and secure boot
      • Support for intelligent analytics
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    SKU: 02036-004