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For over 50 years Speco Technologies have dedicated themselves to providing the latest innovation in video surveillance and electronic accessories. They have committed themselves to providing cost effective, dependable products for all areas of the industry from DIY to major professional installations and stock a wide range of cameras along with microphones and other accessories all selected for their quality, reliability and ease of use.

At Speco Technologies it not just about the product it’s about the people and they pride themselves on delivering exceptional customer service, and offering extensive product training along with technical and marketing support.

For warranty information click here:

Speco Technologies

Tel: (800) 645-5516 Opt. 3
Fax: (631) 957-3880

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  1. Speco SPVP Video & Power Surge Protector
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    Price: $35.09
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      • Two-stage protection 130V, AC/DC12V
      • 2-pin terminal+ BNC male to 2-pin terminal + BNC female
      • Max power input AC 40V Max, DC 56V Max
      • Max current up to 2 Amp
  2. Speco SPUTPVD UTP Data Surge Protector Terminal Connector
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    Price: $18.21
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      • Terminal connector to terminal connector
      • Perfect for video or data signal protection
  3. Speco SPPOE POE Surge Protector
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    Price: $65.54
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      • RJ45 Jack to RJ45 Jack
      • Power and signal line protection
      • 10/100 BASE-T CAT5/5e compatible
      • 802.3af POE compatible
  4. Speco SPIP Network Surger Protector
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    Price: $65.54
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      • RJ45 Jack to RJ45 Jack
      • Four-pair protection
      • Perfect for protecting IP Cameras, networks, PC Modems, servers, etc
      • Protects UTP twisted pair products or any computer equipment utilizing a network cable
  5. Speco SPCOAX Coaxial Video Surge Protector, BNC Conntector
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    Price: $16.86
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      • Protect equipment from high voltage surges from nearby lightning strikes
      • Two stage protection: under 1ns-90V, over 10ns-12V
      • Wide range of applications: CCTV/CATV system, television antennas, FM receivers, video cameras, monitors, multiplexers & Quad processors, VCRs, etc.
      • Surge Protection Attack Time: 1ns
      • Maximum Surge Current: 4KV

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5 Item(s)

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