Suprema Security Products Access Control

  1. Suprema BEW2-OHPB BioEntry W2 HID Proximity Card & Fingerprint

      • World’s Fastest Outdoor Fingerprint Device
      • IK09 Vandal-proof Structure
      • IP67, Dust & Water Proof
      • Dual Frequency, Multi-Smartcard Reader
      • Live Finger Detection Technology
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  2. Suprema CS-40 Biometric Access Controller, 1.4GHz Octa Core, 500,000 User, 4 Door Controller

      • Centralized, secure storage of biometric and access group data
      • No Ethernet connection to the edge devices
      • Elevator control with OM-120
      • Supports up to 132 access points with DM-20 and Secure I/O 2 (132 x Wiegand readers/64 x RS-485 readers)
      • Multi-port interface for fingerprint /RF readers
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    SKU: CS-40
  3. Suprema DM-20 Secure Multi-Door I/O Module

      • Control up to four doors via multiple inputs and outputs
      • Provides centralized access control of up to 32 doors and eight biometric devices
      • Secure data transmission thanks to encrypted communication
      • Monitor device status with four supervised inputs
      • TTL inputs and outputs
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: DM-20
  4. Suprema BioStar2-TA-ADV BioStar 2 Time Attendance Advanced License, 501~1,000 Users

      • Visitor Management
      • Flexible System Architecture
      • Optimal Access Control Solution
      • Flexible Time & Attendance Management Solution
      • Video Logs Support
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: BioStar2-TA-ADV
  5. Suprema FL-DB FaceLite Compact Face Recognition Door Station Terminal

      • 1.2 GHz quad-core CPU
      • Matches up to 3000 faces per second
      • Face template encryption (AES 256-bit)
      • Dual-frequency RFID card technology
      • AES encrypted NFC host card emulation for Android
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: FL-DB
  6. Suprema XP2-MDPB XPass 2 Outdoor Compact RFID Reader, Mullion

      • Mullion design enables flexible placement in narrow spaces and door frames
      • 1 GHz CPU
      • Dual-frequency RFID technology
      • Holds up to 1,000,000 text logs
      • Tamper-resistant housing
    Low Price Guarantee
  7. Alpha TAGNFC-US User Prox Tag for NFC Reader

      • User Prox Tag for NFC Reader
      • Used with the EL4502/NFC reader unit in door entry stations for individual users
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  8. Suprema CSR-4DR-R2 CoreStation Biometric Access Controller and 4x BER2-OD BioEntry R2 Card and Fingerprint Reader

      • Centralized storage for user and access control data including fingerprint credentials
      • Complete controller functionalities with fingerprint matching
      • Centralized, secure storage of biometric and access group data
      • No Ethernet connection to the edge devices
      • No data stored on the edge devices
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: CSR-4DR-R2
  9. Suprema CST-4DR-R2 1 x CS-40 CoreStation Intelligent Biometric Controller & 4 x BER2-OD BioEntry R2 Compact Fingerprint Reader

      • Contains devices necessary to secure 4 doors
      • Compatible with multiple credentials (Card, PIN, Biometric, Mobile Access Card)
      • Provides complimentary access control software of ‘BioStar 2’ (up to 5 doors)
      • 1 month free subscription for devices with unlimited Mobile Access Cards or free Mobile Access Cards (50units)
      • Easy network settings, easy to check status of device connections and input/output with the onboard CoreStation Setup Manager
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: CST-4DR-R2