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Interlogix NX-8-FP-7-RF NX-8 Fastpack w/NX-148E-RF LCD Keypad

SV# NX-8-FP-7-RF
Model No: NX-8-FP-7-RF
Price: $155.03

Availability: Usually ships within 4-5 business days

Quick Overview

    • Flash memory microprocessor
    • Expanded event log
    • Early open/late close reporting
    • Integrated 48-zone wireless receiver
    • LCD, easy-to-read programmable display

Interlogix NX-8-FP-7-RF NX-8 Fastpack w/NX-148E-RF LCD Keypad

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The NX-8-FP-7-RF From Interlogix is a NX-8 Fastpack with NX-148E-RF LCD keypad, T-0001 transformer, PI6000 PIR, B-1245 battery, 5-0001 speaker, RJ block and cord. With a track record of global security success, the NetworX product line includes a series of control panels that are universally compatible with all NX products and several GE wired and wireless accessories that can be scaled or modified to meet changing security requirements. The control panel functions as the "brains" of your security system, coordinating input from different sensors and transmitting alarm monitoring information to a central monitoring center. Fully versatile, these control panels accommodate a variety of integrated components that allow you to customize, and easily expand your system to meet your security requirements. All NetworX control panels have fire alarm verification capability to help prevent false alarms. The NX-8 panel comes standard with eight hardwire zone inputs. Four programmable outputs can be set up to activate external devices during an alarm or other system event. The modular design allows for complete integration of multiple systems within one enclosure. Adding more zones or expanding capability is fast and easy. The NX-148E-RF offers the convenience of having an integrated wireless receiver built into the keypad along with standard hardwire features. A removable door allows the user to swing the door down or simply take it off for use. The NX-148E-RF emergency keys are highlighted on the keypad and can be programmed to contact and send complete information to a responding police, fire or EMS unit with just one touch. There are also five pre-programmed touch keys that allow the most common functions to be performed with ease. All keys on the NX-148E-RF are backlit to ensure error-free operation even in a dark room.


  • Interlogix NX-8 Features:
  • - Flash memory microprocessor
    - Expanded event log
    - Early open/late close reporting
    - Expandable to 48 fully programmable hardwire and/or wireless zones
    - Maximum of 24 keypads with up to 8 per partition
    - 8 true partitions with separate account codes, entry/exit delays, and feature selections for each partition
    - Wireless technology with up to 48 supervised zones
    - Supports up to 99 users
    - Hardwire expansion up to 48 zones
    - Supports SIA and contact ID communication formats
    - 512-event history log that provides date, time, event and user number
  • Interlogix NX-148E-RF Features:
  • - Integrated 48-zone wireless receiver
    - Optimize wireless reception by having the keypad/receiver in the best location
    - LCD, easy-to-read programmable display
    - Traditional design to go with any decor
    - Compatible with all NetworX series control panels (except commercial fire)
    - Easy to install, program and maintain






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