Seco-Larm Timer Modules

  1. Seco-Larm SA-025EQ Delayed Egress Timer

      • 12~24 VDC Operation
      • Programmable nuisance delay timer (0~3 seconds)
      • Adjustable pre-delay timer (1~30 seconds)
      • Adjustable post-delay timer (1~60 seconds)
      • Selectable manual or automatic relocking after power loss
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    SKU: SA-025EQ
  2. Seco-Larm SA-027WQ Programmable 7- Day Timer with Housing

      • Enclosed terminals for a safer installation
      • 12~24 VAC / VDC Operation
      • Up to 60 programmable events
      • Holiday function (up to 99 days)
      • Easy-to-read backlit LCD
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    SKU: SA-027WQ
  3. Seco-Larm SA-025MQ Multi-Function Timer / Counter

      • 12~24VDC (auto-sensing) operation
      • Low current draw
      • Timer can be set from 1sec~11h 59min
      • Relay can be programmed to trigger at the start or end of the timing cycle, or to toggle
      • Relay can be programmed to pulse (0.5sec on / 0.5sec off) or steady on (1sec~11h 59min)
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    SKU: SA-025MQ
  4. Seco-Larm SA-026Q Miniature Programmable Timer

      • Adjustable timer from 1~180 seconds via an onboard potentiometer
      • NO/NC Switch trigger
      • Compact design: 13/16”x29/32”x5/8” (30x58x16 mm)
      • 12~24 VAC/VDC Operation
      • Current: 2mA (standby), 75mA (active)
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    SKU: SA-026Q
  5. Seco-Larm SA-025Q Multi-Purpose Programmable Timer

      • Timer can be set from 1 second to 60 minutes
      • Can be triggered by positive voltage (+DC), or closure or opening of dry contact
      • Relay can be programmed to activate at the start or at the end of the timing cycle
      • Relay can also be set to activate for one second at the end of the timing cycle
      • Programmable for pulse (flash) activation
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    SKU: SA-025Q