Seco-Larm Accessories Adaptors

  1. Seco-Larm SD-7257-SSTQ Dual-Color Vandal-Resistant Request-to-Exit Plate with Buzzer and Timer

      • 12~24 VDC Operation
      • Operating modes: Timed (0.5~60 s), toggle, and momentary
      • Pushbutton can still operate as a momentary mechanical switch when power is lost
      • Buzzer volume: 80dB max., adjustable
      • Programmable reminder function, LED flashes and buzzer sounds for last 4 seconds of timed output
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    SKU: SD-7257-SSTQ
  2. Seco-Larm SD-9263-KS2Q Outdoor Wave-to-Open Sensor, Single-Gang, French

      • Adjustable sensor range up to 7" (18cm)
      • Weatherproof (IP65) for outdoor use
      • Stainless steel plate
      • 1.2A relay, adjustable trigger duration
      • 0.8~30 seconds or toggle
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    SKU: SD-9263-KS2Q