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Complete Robotics Resource

news-articles, blog - surveillance video 2267 777093098 - Complete Robotics Resource

While the word “robot” may first bring to mind images of talking androids from science fiction, a robot is an autonomous or guided machine, capable of doing a task on its own. General robotics, organizations, and journals can provide an overview of the fields of robotics. When it’s time to gain more in-depth knowledge, a visit to a robot competition, the site of a university program’s robotics group, or the website of a robotics company can offer a better idea of the capabilities of these amazing machines. The online resources for robot architecture provide a deeper understanding of the hardware and software involved in the building of a robot. Today, robot technology continues to evolve and the technology is used in everything from artists’ studios to surgical theaters.

General Robotics Resources

History of Robotics: A concise timeline of the evolution of robotics, starting with a mechanical bird built in 350 BC.


Robotics Organizations

The IEEE Robotics and Automation Society: The society is interested in the theoretical and applied issues in designing and implementing robotics.



Periodicals, Journals, and Publications

Journal of Robotics: An open access journal that contains peer-reviewed, original articles and review articles.



University Programs


Brown University – Providence, RI: Concentrating on the study of robotics and autonomous systems.

University of Pennsylvania – Philadelphia, PA: A Masters program through their school of engineering and applied science.




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