PVD Passive Transceiver - With Power

  1. NVT NV-EC1701U-K4H 4-Camera Eo2 Transmission System

      • 56 VDC is distributed over the coax to all connected equipment
      • Easy configuration, no PC required
      • Transparently supports all networking protocols (UDP, TCP/IP, HTTP, Multicast, etc.)
      • 128-bit AES encrypted transmission
      • Built-in transient protection; Industrial temperature range
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    SKU: NV-EC1701U-K4H
  2. Altronix HUBWAYDVIPK 12VDC Isolated Video Balun/Data/Video Combiner, 8 Pack

      • Video Balun/combiner
      • Length (in.) 3-51/64
      • Width (in.) 2-1/2
      • Height (in.) 1
      • Number Of Outputs: 1
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  3. Altronix HubWayAv2PK 8 Pack Of UTP Passive Video/Data/Power Slim-Line Balun

      • Data/PTZ RS422/RS485 output
      • 75 ohm video input
      • 1 amp supply current
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    SKU: HubWayAv2PK
  4. NVT NV-218A-PVD PVD Power Supply Passive Receiver

      • Transmits power, video and Data (PVD) over a single UTP cable
      • Up to 3000' (1km) when used with an active receiver or hub
      • Supports Coaxitron (up the coax) control up to 750' (225 m)
      • BNC port with 9" pigtail cable for in-camera mounting in most dome cameras
      • Compatible with NV-704J-PVD and NV-716J-PVD for better cable management with IDF
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    SKU: NV-218A-PVD
  5. NVT NV-216A-PV PVD Power Supply Passive Receiver

      • Power-Video (PV) signals are routed via UTP and RJ45
      • Use with NVT’s PVDTM
      • Power Supply Hubs and Cable Integrators, or with a second NV-216A-PV
      • Frequency response DC to 10MHz (see Resolution Distance Chart)
      • Exceptional interference rejection
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    SKU: NV-216A-PV
  6. Altronix HubWayDvi UTP Passive Video/Data/Power Balun

      • Red power LED indicator
      • Compatible with HubWay and HubSat UTP
      • Transceiver Hubs for use with 12VDC cameras without isolation
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    SKU: HubWayDvi
  7. Altronix HubWayAv2 24VAC/28VAC UTP Passive Video/Data/Power Slim-Line Balun

      • Data/PTZ RS422/RS485 output
      • 1 amp supply current (based on power supply rating)
      • 75 ohm video input
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    SKU: HubWayAv2
  8. $199.06
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    SKU: HubWayDvPK
  9. Altronix HubWayAvPK 8 Pack Of Video Balun/Combiners for 24VAC Cameras, UL Listed Accessory

      • Balun Type Convenience Pack
      • Channels 1
      • Features Data, Power
      • Rack Mountable No
      • Data/PTZ RS422/RS485 port
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    SKU: HubWayAvPK