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Cantek TRENDnet TP-Link Ditek Power

Are you searching for ways to secure your home or protect your place of business? Surveillance-video carries the top-rated products from reliable brands like Cantek, including surveillance cameras, recording devices, monitors, and all of the tools and accessories you need to ensure that you have a well-protected property. You can count on a Cantek DVR or camera to give you the best surveillance coverage.

Cantek was founded in 1972 and specializes in producing closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras and DVRs. A camera and DVR are an important part of any strong security system. A camera will record footage, and the DVR saves the data to be viewed at the user’s discretion. A CCTV system’s footage is meant to be accessed by a restricted list of people: Only an administrator can grant access to Cantek DVR footage. Businesses often utilize Cantek’s products in order to film crime as it happens. This footage can be used to identify criminals in police investigations. Sometimes the simple knowledge that a CCTV system is in place is enough to deter crime. Surveillance-video supplies a range of Cantek cameras, such as box cameras, bullet cameras, pan-tilt-zoom cameras, and dome cameras. Cantek also produces all of the necessary technology to enhance your system, such as high-resolution LCD monitors for viewing, cables, keyboards, and controllers.

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  1. Ditek DTK-WM8EXTS Wall Mount 8 Channel PoE Extender Surge Protector

      • Uses SAD and GDT technologies to provide optimal protection for PoE extender circuits
      • Rapid-replacement modular design allows modules to be swapped from front of device without removing from rack
      • Robust 20kA per pair surge current capacity is the highest offered in a product designed for shielded network devices
      • PoE Plus and Hi-PoE ready for high-wattage applications
      • Optional modules available to support Ethernet and PoE circuits
    Low Price Guarantee
  2. Ditek DTK-KG2 Kool Guard Series Intelligent Voltage Monitoring

      • Protection for undervoltage & overvoltage events on 120/240VAC or 120/208VAC split phase circuits up to 40A
      • Auto-calibration feature eliminates the need to manually calibrate the unit to the specific input voltage
      • Safely disconnects power to the system for 3 minutes allowing input voltage to return to normal range
      • Ideal protection for inverter-driven compressor systems and mini-splits
      • Diagnostic red and green LEDs indicate exactly what voltage condition is present
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: DTK-KG2
  3. Cantek CT-W-12VDC-18P-10A-UL 12 VDC 10 Amps 18 PTC Output CCTV Distributed Power Supply

      • Input 110/120 VAC
      • Output 12V DC, 18channels
      • 10 Amp Supply Current
      • Integral Surge Protection
      • Individual LED Power Indication
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: CT-W-12VDC-18P-10A-UL
  4. Cantek CTW-12VDC-9P-5A CCTV Distributed Power Supply

      • Input 88-264 V AC
      • Output 12V DC, 9channels
      • 5 Amp Supply Current
      • Integral Surge Protection
      • Individual LED Power Indication
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: CTW-12VDC-9P-5A
  5. Cantek CT-W-12VDC-16P20A-RM 16 PTC Output Regulated 20 Amps Rack Mount

      • Input 110/120 VAC
      • Output 12V DC, 16 channels
      • 20 Amp Supply Current
      • Integral Surge Protection
      • Individual LED Power Indication
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: CT-W-12VDC-16P20A-RM
  6. Ditek D200-277-4803Y 200KA/ΓΈ, 100kA, Mode Surge Protective Device

      • 200,000 Amp/phase surge current rating ensures long service life
      • Compact size enables close mounting to the protected panel to minimize wire length and maximize performance
      • Diagnostic LED indicates system power and SPD function, Alarm and ground status
      • Dry Contacts for remote monitoring
      • Available in 7 voltage configurations
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: D200-277-4803Y
  7. TRENDnet TPE-119GI Gigabit 4PPoE Injector

      • Converts a non-PoE port to a 4PPoE Gigabit port
      • Supplies PoE (15.4W), PoE+ (30W), or 4PPoE (95W)
      • Integrated power supply
      • Network a PoE device up to 100m (328 ft.) away
      • Save on installation and equipment costs
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: TPE-119GI
  8. Ditek DTK-120-240HD2 100,000 Amp Residential/Light Commercial Surge Protective Device

      • Designed to protect 120/240V split phase electrical panels
      • Diagnostic LED indicates system power and SPD function
      • 100,000 Amp per phase protection
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: DTK-120-240HD2
  9. Ditek DTK-110RJC6APOE 10 Gigabit Ethernet Surge Protection

      • Primary protector for communications circuits
      • Available with 110-Shielded RJ connections
      • Compatible with CAT5E, CAT6 and CAT6A circuits
      • Protects all four pairs
      • Automatically resets to protect against multiple surges
    Low Price Guarantee