Geovision Veracity Linear AVE Cantek Plus Plug-in

Based in Taiwan, Geovision is well-known for their diverse product range featuring everything from cameras and video capture cards to digital signage and DVRs. They also produce a wide range of specialized software and apps to allow their hardware to perform actions such as number plate recognition and remote alerts.

They back up their world-class hardware with an excellent customer service division. Support is always available for your security camera through their 24-hour call center, where dedicated support staff can help you with technical difficulties and Geovision warranty inquiries. If you need to return your Geovision products for any reason, they have offices worldwide to assist in the process.

Surveillance-video believes that the best security systems are the ones customized to your unique needs. Our exceptional customer service staff ensures that you don’t have to be an expert to choose the products that will best meet your needs. Give us a call and we will walk you through product specs while helping you to shop within your budget. Call us anytime for assistance with installation or for troubleshooting. Call today or fill out a contact form for more information.

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  1. $79.18
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    SKU: 2500-791
  2. $79.18
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    SKU: 2500-025
  3. Linear PIP12VDC60W Plug-in 12 VDC Power Supply

      • EISA compliant
      • Auto-resetting poly fuse
      • 120 VAC input
      • 12 VDC output @ 5000 mA (5 amps) maximum
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    SKU: PIP12VDC60W
  4. $65.10
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    SKU: 190-104643
  5. Linear T-1224DC 12 VDC Power Supply, 2 Amps

      • Used with Models XT-1 and XT-4
      • Input: 120 VAC, 60 Hz
      • Output: regulated 12 VDC @ 2 Amps
      • UL Listed
      • Class 2
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    SKU: T-1224DC
  6. $53.51
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    SKU: 47-A2243RE-5C61
  7. $47.00
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    SKU: 2500-2476
  8. Linear PIP24VDCRU Plug-in 24 VDC Power Supply

      • Poly-fuse automatically resets after a short circuit, prevents unnecessary service calls
      • Ground prong on AC power input and ground output terminal, provides input protection and easy panel ground connection
      • Red LED power indicator, shows at a glance that the supply is operating
      • Plugs directly into AC outlet, knockout for wall outlet retaining screw, easy and quick to install
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  9. $27.50
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    SKU: 47-U405F2A-00U1