Pelco Miscellaneous- Proprietary Accessories - Compliant

  1. Pelco VX-WKST Desktop Workstation included EU, US, and UK Power Cords

      • Desktop Workstation
      • EU, US, and UK power cords included
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  2. Pelco FEXTPS-48V 48 VDC Switching Power Supply

      • Output Voltage: 48 VDC
      • Output Current: 1.36 A
      • Input Voltage: 100 to 240 VAC
      • Broad Input Voltage Range for EU and US Application
      • Frequency Range of 50 to 60 Hz for US and EU Application
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  3. Pelco VX-RKWKST Rackmount Workstation

      • Rackmount Workstation, IoT19, 3930, D02R
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  4. Pelco VX-A5-SDD VideoXpert Shared Display with VESA Mount

      • Support of VxOpsCenter utilizing Shared Display mode
      • The Shared Display Decoder provides monitor-wall functionality
      • Users can send tabs and video to the Shared Display and control the Shared Display remotely
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    SKU: VX-A5-SDD
  5. Pelco BB4E-F Spectra IV IP H.264 Back Box Flush

      • Built-in Memory Stores Camera/Dome Settings
      • Single Back Box for Hard Ceiling Applications
      • Requires 4.4-Inch Space Above Ceiling and 4.3 Inches Below
      • Includes Heater and Fan
      • Minimum Ceiling Thickness 0.5-Inch; Maximum 1.75 Inches
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    SKU: BB4E-F
  6. Pelco ECPS-48VDC-5A EC 48VDC 5A PS for 4 Channel PoE app

      • 48 VDC and 5A output
      • DIN rail mountable
      • Suited for PoE applications
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    SKU: ECPS-48VDC-5A
  7. $65.50
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  8. Pelco IMMBB0-I Indoor Vandal In-Ceiling Back Box, White

      • IMM series in-ceiling back box
      • Use with IMM12018-1I
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  9. Pelco IMMBB0-EP Outdoor Pendant Back Box, Gray

      • IMM series pendant back box
      • Use with IMM12018-1EP
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