NY Wholesale Intercom Audio-Intercoms

  1. NY Wholesale Intercom DMR11S-ID-S4 4 Push Button Outdoor Panel with Card Reader

      • Non-polar, two-wire system for simplified installation
      • Wide-angle camera with 105° viewing angle
      • Built-in card/fob reader
      • LED indicator for proximity access control
      • Multi-language support
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    SKU: DMR11S-ID-S4
  2. NY Wholesale Intercom IPX-472 7" Indoor IP Monitor with Baby Monitor Function

      • The IPX-472 Monitor Station works in tandem with the IPX-710 camera panel to provide image and sound monitoring form another IPX-471 or IPX-472 Monitor within the same home, villa, apartment or business
      • Both the IPX-472 and IPX-710 are IP Network PoE devices that use separate Cat5 connections to the Network hardware
      • The IPX-471 Monitor Station has the same features of the IPX-471 with added features to enable the IPX-710 camera panel
      • The camera panel design is similar to the IPX-610 Entry Panel
      • Standard camera recording features are available
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    SKU: IPX-472
  3. NY Wholesale Intercom DT-DBC2S Branch Controller and Bus Amplifier

      • Provides two branches with IN-OUT connection for up to 8 monitors on each branch
      • Signal amplifier
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  4. NY Wholesale Intercom DMR11SA-S4 4 Button Audio Outdoor Panel

      • Non-polar, two-wire system for simplified installation
      • Compatible with 2Easy two-wire audio-only monitors
      • Compatible with 2Easy two-wire components
      • Aluminum alloy housing
      • Status indicator for talk and door release
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    SKU: DMR11SA-S4
  5. $162.54
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    SKU: IPX-610
  6. $72.19
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    SKU: RH11
  7. NY Wholesale Intercom DT-DJ4A 2-Wire System Indoor Monitor, Audio Phone

      • Handset audio phone
      • DIP address setting
      • Max.128 DIP address
      • Inner call Intercom
      • Door bell connection
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    SKU: DT-DJ4A
  8. NY Wholesale Intercom DS-ERL Relay for DT System

      • 3 Amp relay
      • Normally Open (N/O) configuration
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  9. $1,437.06
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    SKU: DX4761M-ID