NVT Miscellaneous- Proprietary Accessories

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    SKU: NV-PL-PA011-6
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  3. NVT NV-FLXLK Ethernet Over 2 Or 4 Pair UTP Extenders

      • Extender that extends Ethernet and power over 2 or 4 pair UTP
      • To provide higher power to the end point.
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  4. NVT NV-FLXLK-BSE FLEX-Link Base Adapter Single Unit

      • FLEX-Link Base Adapter Single Unit.
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    SKU: nv-flxlk-bse
  5. NVT NV-RMEC16U-90 Rack Mount Tray Kit for Four Two-Wire Transceivers & Four 60/110W Power Supplies

      • 1U high 19 inch tray that can hold up to four NV-EC1701 transceivers, their NV-4BNC adaptors, and NV-PS56-90W power supplies (sold separately)
      • Supports up to sixteen IP or megapixel cameras
      • Detachable Power Supply Cord Splitter that allows four power supplies to be powered off one mains outlet
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    SKU: NV-RMEC16U-90
  6. NVT NV-FERRG-110 Snap Ferrite Ring, 110 Ohm, Max 27mm Cable

      • Snap Ferrite Ring
      • 110 Ohm
      • 27mm cable max
      • Individual or 30/carton
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    SKU: NV-FERRG-110
  7. NVT NV-FLXLK-C FLEX-Link Adapter Commercial Grade

      • FLEX-Link Adapter Commercial Grade
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  8. NVT NV-RM8-10 Rack Panel for Rack Mounting Kit

      • Ideal for Security monitoring stations or video distribution hubs
      • Standard 19" (480mm) wide, 3.5in (90mm) 2U high
      • Compact rugged 1/8in (3,5mm) panel with baked epoxy finish
      • Supports up to ten individual transceivers or two four-channel devices (not included)
      • Mounting hardware included
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    SKU: NV-RM8-10
  9. NVT NV-PL-RMEC10 Rack Mount Kit for Two EC10 Switches

      • Rack mount kit for 2 EC10 Port EoC Long Reach Unmanaged Switches and Power Supplies
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