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EverFocus is a leading manufacturer of a wide variety of surveillance equipment including cameras DVR’s and control systems.

Everfocus is a true manufacturer conducting all their research and development as well as product assembly in house. This means that when you buy an Everfocus product it’s not a third party product that has been tested and rebranded, it’s made by them. This allows Everfocus to deliver high quality dependable units suitable for some of the most challenging environments in the world.

Based in Taiwan EverFocus has offices located around the world including the U.S.A (California & New York), Germany, China and Japan.

For warranty information click here:

EverFocus USA - California:

Tel: (626) 844-8888
Fax: (626) 844-8838

EverFocus USA - New York:

Tel: (631) 436-5070
Fax: (631) 436-5027

Sony is one of the largest names in the business when it comes to cameras. With a broad range spanning from CCTV cameras of all shapes and sizes to professional motion picture grade 4k units they have something for every application. Sony have been in the industry for a long time developing new and innovative ways to use technology and producing robust systems that are hard to match for quality and price.

The advantage of working with such a large player in the industry is the excellent support services they can offer their customers. From online FAQ’s and forums to their dedicated phone support department they will be able to solve any issue in whatever mode you chose.

For warranty information click here:

Sony Broadcast & Business Solutions Company

Tel: (800) 883-6817

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  1. Everfocus EZ VIEW SERVER/2T 2TB Server, Manage NVR View cameras
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    Price: $3,328.00
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      • AMD 8 core CPU
      • 16GB DDR3 Dual Channel DIMM RAM
      • HDMI, VGA, and two DVI monitor ports
      • Eight eSATA 3.0 ports
      • Six audio jacks
  2. Everfocus ENVR8304D/2T NVR 8 Channel, 2T HDD
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    Price: $532.99
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      • Support megapixel IP cameras
      • RAID5 – for full data protection
      • 8 ports PoE smart switch
      • Integration with PowerVideo Plus
      • Multi-language support
  3. Everfocus ENVR8304E/2T 8Ch Full HD NVR with PoE Switch, 2TB
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    Price: $515.88
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      • 8 channel real-time recording and playback at 1080p resolution
      • Supports EverFocus megapixel IP cameras only
      • User-friendly GUI menu operation identical to DVRs
      • Plug and play design simplifies installation and configuration
      • H.264 compression format for enhanced recording capacity and improved network image transmission speed
  4. EverFocus NVR8004X/2T 20 Channel Elite2 NVR, 2TB
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    Price: $704.52
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      • Elite 2 NVR8004X can support up to 20 channel
      • Hard Drive Configurations in up to 16 TB
      • 4 HDD Bays with removable hot swap trays
      • Dual NIC for separation of streaming camera video form LAN/WAN monitoring network
      • Built-in web server for single NVR live/playback viewing and configuration

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4 Item(s)

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