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For more than 50 years, Panasonic has delivered American consumers with innovations for the home and business. Panasonic's consumer electronics and technology products include digital cameras, ruggedized Toughbook® laptop computers, communications solutions, networkable office solutions, security systems, components and information systems. Their R&D, quality control and experience have consistently placed them at the forefront of the industry delivering surveillance solutions to clients of all sizes.

Panasonic’s operations in North America include R&D Centres, manufacturing bases and their Customer Call Centre. This means that if you need assistance with any of their product range there is always an office near you and friendly efficient support staff on the other end of the phone.

Panasonic Security Systems

Tel: (800) 528-6747 Opt. 2

Aiphone has become the most respected and reliable brand of communication systems in the world. Based in Japan and exporting to 60 countries Aiphone prides itself on having local operations with their North American marketing and sales distribution centre near Washington opening in 1970.

Aiphone have a range of products that include everything from small home systems to some of the largest commercial security networks available. They are famous for their quality and are the first and only intercom manufacturer to win the Deming Prize, the highest international award for quality control. They were also the first to receive ISO 9001 certification, and the only one selling in North America.

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Main Office: (425) 455-0510
Toll Free: (800) 692-0200
Government Sales: (800) 426-1081

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Main Office: (425) 455-0071
Customer Service/Technical Support Fax: (800) 525-3372


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  1. Panasonic WJ-NVF20 Additional Business Intelligence Kit
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  2. Panasonic WVASE204 i-Pro Management Extension Software WV-ASE204 - license
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    Price: $837.61
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      • License
      • 1 license
      • Win
      • NTSC area only
  3. Panasonic BB-HNP17A Network Camera Recorder with Viewer Software
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    Price: $294.12
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      • Recording Format H.264, MPEG-4, Motion JPEG
      • Motion Detection Recording
      • Timer Recording
      • Automatic Backup
      • Hard Drive Space Management
  4. Panasonic PMPU2000 Matrix System Management Server
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  5. Panasonic WV-SAE100W Face Detection License
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  6. Panasonic WV-SAE200W i-VMD License for Select Panasonic Security Cameras
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    Price: $176.82
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      • Displays Information on Live Images
      • Can Detect up to 8 Objects at Once
      • Intruder, Loitering, & Direction Modes
      • Scene Change Detection
      • Sends Alarm Message
  7. Panasonic WV-ASE201W Security Camera Software Key
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  8. Panasonic WV-ASE202W Security Camera Software Key
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  9. Panasonic WV-ASE204W Security Camera Software Key
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  10. Panasonic WV-ASM200W Security Camera Software Key
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  11. Panasonic WV-ASE203W Security Camera Software Key
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  12. Panasonic WV-ASM970W IP Matrix Client Software
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  13. Panasonic WJ-NVE30W 8-Camera License Expansion Kit for WJ-NV300
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  14. Panasonic WV-ASE231W Face Searching Pluggin
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  15. Panasonic WVASC970 IP Matrix Management Server Software Version 8
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    Price: $3,604.21
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      • Flexible system design : Analog, IP, and Hybrid analog/IP
      • Up to 64 recorders, 1,024 monitors, and 2,048 cameras (in case with encoder) can be registered
      • Displays live images by selecting the camera number
      • Controls camera and camera preset, and Group Preset
      • Displays live Tour Sequence images on a multi-screen segment display
  16. Panasonic WJ-NVF30W Additional Business Intelligence Kit
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    Price: $795.21
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      • New statistical processing functions such as people counting and face matching, and age/gender judgement
      • The statistical data can be saved as a CSV file on a SDHC/SD memory card or on a PC connected over a network
      • The CSV file can be edited using a spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Office Excel
  17. Panasonic WVASE205W Visibility Enhancement Extension License
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    Price: $7,314.74
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      • Provides spatial tonal correction
      • Snowfall and rainfall noise reduction
      • Multi-frame synthesis noise reduction
      • Fog compensation
  18. Panasonic WV-ASE902W Extension Software f/64 Monitor Screen
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18 Item(s)

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