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Know Your Neighbors: A Parent's Sex Offender/Child Predator Resource List

August 13, 2009 Lowell Bradford Blog, News & Articles 0 Comments

There are many sex offenders or child predators in the US nowadays, and they can be living in any locality within the country. The chances of one being located in your neighborhood is almost certain. Understandably, it can be worrisome for parents to have a sex offender or child predator living in their neighborhood where children spend a lot of time without the company of their parents; walking or cycling home from school or playing with friends.

Fortunately, there is a lot that a parent can do about this situation. Parents should try to find out if there are any sex offenders in their neighborhood, so that they can take the necessary measures to ensure their children’s safety. They can make friends with their neighbors and form a sex offender watchdog community to provide protection for all the children in the neighborhood. Here are some websites that offer valuable information on various ways to protect children from sex offenders. Sex Offender Registries

State Statutes and Laws

  • Megan’s Law Information: An article that provides information about Megan’s Law, a law that seeks to deter the criminal activities of sex offenders.
  • No Parole for Sex Offenders: A bill that is passed to the House of Representatives to suggest the implementation of a no-parole law for sex offenders.

Additional Resources

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