MuxLab Audio & Video UTPs - HDMI, S-Video, XLR, HDMI

  1. MuxLab 500465-RX HDMI-over-Coax Receiver

      • Supports HDMI over one RG59 coax cable
      • Up to 250ft (76m) at 1080p resolution
      • Up to 500ft (152m) at 1080i/720p resolution
      • Ideal for harsh electrical environments
      • Cascadable on the TX and RX side
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    SKU: 500465-RX
  2. MuxLab 500401 HDMI Econo Plus Extender Kit

      • Allows HDMI equipment to be connected up to 150' via 2 Cat5E UTP cables; the distance can be extended up to 200' via 2 Cat6 in a point-to-point configuration at 1080p 8-bit resolution
      • Supports deep color up to 90' via Cat6 cable with 1080p 12-bit resolution
      • Supported HDMI equipment includes DVD, plasma, projectors, monitors, TV, PC, laptops, and servers
      • Features a transmitter, a receiver, and a 110-240V/12VDC power supply
      • Includes Velcro pads for mounting
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    SKU: 500401
  3. MuxLab 500451-WP-RX UHD-4K HDMI Wall-Plate Receiver, HDBT Lite

      • Supports 1080p deep color, 4K @ 30fps & 3D resolutions
      • Up to 230 ft (70m) via Cat5e cable
      • Supports Bidirectional IR
      • Compatible with 500451
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    SKU: 500451-WP-RX
  4. MuxLab 500018 S-Video / Audio Ground Loop Isolation Balun

      • Up to 1,000 feet (305m) via Cat5e/6 UTP
      • Stereo audio up to 3,250 ft (990m)
      • Ground Loop Isolation (GLI)
      • Helps eliminate “hum bars”
      • Only one required per connection
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    SKU: 500018
  5. MuxLab 500017 S-Video-Audio Balun

      • S-Video up to 1,000 feet in color via Cat5e/6 twisted pair
      • One (1) 4-Pin Mini DIN connector for video
      • Two (2) RCA connectors for audio
      • RJ45 for twisted pair
      • Built-in S-Video lead for ease of installation
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    SKU: 500017
  6. MuxLab 500025 MonoPro XLR Audio Connector, Male

      • Line level audio up to distances of 5,000ft / 1.5km via single Cat5e/6
      • Digital audio up to distances of 1,400ft / 426m via single Cat5e/6
      • Impedance: output 600 ohm / input 600 - 20k ohm (analog audio); 110 ohm (digital audio)
      • Sample rate: up to 96kHz
      • Cat5e/6 cable terminates inside the balun
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    SKU: 500025