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SecurityTronix ST-SDI-TEST 7 inch HD-SDI, Analog & IP camera Tester with Multimeter


Model #: ST-SDI-TEST

  • SecurityTronix ST-SDI-TEST 7 inch HD-SDI, Analog & IP camera Tester with Multimeter SecurityTronix ST-SDI-TEST 7 inch HD-SDI, Analog & IP camera Tester with Multimeter
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Model #: ST-SDI-TEST

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Product Details

The IP Buddy+ SDI 7 inch touch screen camera tester is designed for maintenance and installation of HD-SDI, analog and IP cameras as well as other security equipment. It’s 1024 x 600 resolution enables it to display images from HD cameras and analog cameras in top quality. The unit supports both ONVIF PTZ and analog PTZ control. A combination of touch screen and push buttons make the IP camera tester very user friendly. In addition the tester is also a great tool for Ethernet networks and cabling systems. It can test PoE voltage and is capable of IP address searching. It can diagnose the location of a coaxial cable or network cable‘s short circuit and open circuit. Through audio signal generation the blue cable tracer tester can find connected cables from unorganized or unlabeled cable bundles and includes the ability to test LAN cable or telephone cable types while verifying the sequence of the individual conductors. Other functions include 24W PoE power supply, LED Lamp and DC 12V 2A power output. The meters portability, user-friendly design and multi-function capability make it an essential tool for installers and technicians, greatly improving work efficiency and simplifying installations and system maintenance.

CCTV Resolution Comparison


  • Tests HD-SDI, Analog & IP cameras
  • 7 inch LCD screen display, capacitive touch screen, 1024 x 600 resolution, supports resolutions up to 1920 x 1080, 1080 x 720
  • Displays ONVIF IP camera image, ONVIF PTZ controller
  • Supports more than 40 customized IP camera protocols
  • Supports video management software to view IP camera image
  • Built-in WiFi to receive network image and data
  • Network bandwidth testing
  • PoE 24W power supply to IP cameras
  • HDMI signal output, supports 1080p
  • DC12V 2A power output for cameras
  • USB 5V 2A power output to mobile phones
  • Led Lamp, easy to operate at night
  • Removable micro SD card
  • User-defined shortcut keys (F1 and F2)
  • LCD screen with adjustable brightness/contrast/color saturation
  • Automatically adapts and displays NTSC/PAL video formats
  • Enhanced color bar generator
  • 4x zoom (only for analog video test)
  • Video record and playback (only for analog video test), Video signal level test
  • Snapshot and save images as JPG files in the SD card (only for analog video test)
  • PING testing, test IP cameras or network devices
  • FTP Server, Static IP address, DHCP, simultaneously test different segments
  • PEAK video signal level, SYNC signal level, COLOR BURST chroma level measurement
  • IP address scan, quickly search the IP address for connected IP cameras and other network devices
  • PoE voltage measurement, test the PoE switch’s voltage to IP cameras, wireless AP device and other PD devices
  • Device port flicker, easily find connected PoE switch port, the connected PoE port will flicker at special frequency
  • Link monitor, check the setting IP address
  • PTZ address scan, search for PTZ camera ID
  • Network cable and telephone cable testing, display the sequence of connections
  • Supports RS232/RS485/RS422, rate 600 - 115200bps adjustable
  • Multi-protocol, supports more than thirty PTZ protocols such as PELCO-P, PELCO-D, SAMSUNG etc.
  • PTZ protocol analysis, control protocol command displays to check RS485 transmission
  • PTZ control, pan/tilt the camera, zoom the lens, adjust focus, aperture and set and the preset position
  • Audio input test, test audio signal from pickup devices
  • Digital Multimeter, auto ranging DC/AC, voltage/current, resistance, continuity, diode and capacitance testing
  • Lithium Ion Polymer Battery, 17 hours of normal use after charging for 7-8 hours

Product Specs

Manufacturer  SecurityTronix
Viewing  Color
Monitor Size 7 inch
Mount Option Handheld
Monitor Input  HD-SDI
Monitor Resolution   1024 X 600
Features  Audio, SD Memory Card, Test Monitors, Touch Screen
Video System  NTSC/PAL
Touch Screen Yes
Test Monitors  Yes
Touch Screen Digital Panel Yes
SD card and USB storage Yes



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