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LOUROE ELECTRONICS® is the leading U.S. manufacturer of Audio Monitoring Systems, microphones and base stations. Their line of Verifact® microphone and microphone / speakers systems are designed to interface DVRs, IP Network Cameras, Soundcard modules, Video Servers, Encoders/ Decoders and CCTV systems. Audio products can be used in stand-alone systems as well as integrated into an existing system and can feature single or multiple zones and one-way listen or two-way listen/talk functions.

Dedicated to its clients LOUROE ELECTRONICS has dedicate support features built into its website, they also encourage their clients to pick up the phone if they any questions and speak with their highly skilled customer service team.

Louroe Electronics

Tel: (818) 994-6498
Fax: (818) 994-6458

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  1. Louroe Electronics AOP-SP70 Speakerphone Conversion Unit
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    Price: $359.95
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      • Contains audio inputs (terminal blocks) for microphone and speaker connection from Louroe TLO
      • Sends power to speaker/microphone (TLO)
      • Drives audio signals into DVR, IP network cameras, etc
      • Amplifies talkback from receiving device for broadcast through TLO speaker
      • Contains level controls for listen and talkback
  2. Louroe Electronics SA-1A Sound Activated Switch
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    Price: $213.43
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      • Adjustable threshold level control
      • 2 relay contacts for activating cameras, lights, machinery, etc
      • Adjustable re-set from 0.5 to 60 sec
      • Alarm LED indicator
      • Automatic electronic switch to pass audio to base station
  3. Louroe Electronics MS-1 Mute Switch
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    Price: $114.95
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      • Attenuation of microphone output - 50dB
      • Faceplate - 303 Stainless Steel
      • Backbox - Single gang electrical box (not included)
  4. Louroe Electronics TLMC Plastic Box Flush Mount Plastic Backbox
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  5. Louroe Electronics AOPSP Aluminum Backbox Surface Mount
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    Price: $76.50
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      • Omni-directional microphone and 4" speaker
      • Hands free operation
      • External controls for adjusting volume
      • Listen and talkback
      • Power LED on faceplate
  6. Louroe Electronics BR-4WS  Grill
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  7. Louroe Electronics VRSC Square Vandal Resistant Ceiling Grill B
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  8. Louroe Electronics HP-15-135-B Headphones
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    Price: $43.50
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      • Individual volume controls for each ear
      • Padded ear covers for comfortable fit
      • Stereo/Mono switchable
      • ¼" Connector plug with a 3.5mm stereo adapter for connection to Louroe base station or HD-8 headphones distributor
  9. Louroe Electronics AD-1 Louroe Electronics 12VDC Power Supply
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    Price: $18.00
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      • Class 2 plug-in transformer
      • Output is 12 Vdc, 500mA
      • Input is 120 Vac, 60 Hz, 12W
      • UL/CSA Listed
      • LE-242 Power Supply is used with Louroe Models APR-1, AP-2, AP-4, AP-8, IF-1, IF-4, IF-8, DA-4, LA-1000, MA-1, SA-1A, and AMT-600
  10. Louroe SSB-2 Support Bridge
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  11. Louroe Electronics MR-4 Mounting Ring for TLM-CS Speaker/Microp
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  12. Louroe Electronics MR-8 Mounting Ring for TLI, Surface Mount
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  13. Louroe Electronics MS-2-REC Mute Switch for Microphone & Record
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  14. Louroe Electronics LE-028 TLM-W Aluminum Backbox Surface Mount
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  15. Louroe Electronics LE-569 Vandal Resistant Microphone
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    Price: $137.94
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      • Has Automatic Gain Control/Limiter to prevent overdriving the receiver
      • 16 Ga Stainless Steel housing
      • Microphone can pick up normal sounds 25' away
      • Easy surface mount to wall or ceiling
      • May be located up to 1000' from base station

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15 Item(s)

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