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Continuing the legacy as one of the most recognized names in security, Interlogix affirms a long-standing commitment to market-leading brands. As a convenient one-source provider for our customers, our goal is to provide reliable and intuitive products that meet existing and future security needs. This means you can source your entire system from one provider rather than from different providers across the market. This delivers a hassle free installation and in the unlikely event of any problems occurring easier troubleshooting by the Interlogix support team.

With offices all over the world including the USA, Latin America, Australia and Canada there is always Interlogix office near you. This means that you expect only the best support and aftersales service.

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Tel: (888) 286-8889 opt. 2

For over 50 years Speco Technologies have dedicated themselves to providing the latest innovation in video surveillance and electronic accessories. They have committed themselves to providing cost effective, dependable products for all areas of the industry from DIY to major professional installations and stock a wide range of cameras along with microphones and other accessories all selected for their quality, reliability and ease of use.

At Speco Technologies it not just about the product it’s about the people and they pride themselves on delivering exceptional customer service, and offering extensive product training along with technical and marketing support.

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Speco Technologies

Tel: (800) 645-5516 Opt. 3
Fax: (631) 957-3880

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  1. Speco PZ5 1-5 Zone Selectable Paging Adaptor
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    Price: $108.81
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      • 70/25V compatible
      • 5 speaker selectors
      • All-zone page feature
      • Dimensions: 16.5” (W) x 2” (H) x 9” (D)
      • Rack mounting kit included
  2. Speco SRD100 100W RMS Universal Horn Driver
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  3. Speco SRD80T 80W RMS Universal Driver with Transformer
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  4. Speco STRXTNDR Stereo/Mini-Audio CAT5 Extender
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    Price: $38.25
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      • Dual gold-plated RCA female + 3.5mm mini-jack to RJ45
      • Stereo or mini-stereo selector switch
      • No external power required
      • Sold and used in pairs via CAT5 UTP cable
      • Can send audio signal up to 2000'
  5. Speco AIE Infrared Emitter
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  6. Speco IRRPTKIT IR Repeater Kit
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    Price: $45.50
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      • IR Repeater Kit
  7. Speco MSA1 Universal Microphone Stand Adapter
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    Price: $5.70
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      • Fits most hand-held microphones
      • Clamp-on style for wider hand-held microphones
  8. Speco PBM-RK1 Rack Mount
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    Price: $14.18
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      • RACK MOUNT FOR PBM-30 & PBM-15
  9. Speco PBMRK2 Rack Mount Accessory Kit for PL260A, P60FACD, PMM120A, PMM60A
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    Price: $13.50
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      • Rack mount kit for P-30FACD, P-60FACD, PMM-60A, PMM-120A, PL-260A amplifiers
  10. Speco RC485C Allows Menu Control/HT7246IHR from DVR
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    Price: $58.89
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      • Receives RS485C signals from DVRs or the RCINT
      • Converts signals to the proper format for optional use with models HT7246iHR/7247iHR
      • Attaches to the base of the dome camera, making a weatherproof seal and allowing the wires to pass through
  11. Speco RME916CD Rack Mount Ears for RMX-9CD and RMX-16CD 1 Pair
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  12. Speco STH8 Back Can for G86TG and G86TCG
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    Price: $13.10
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      • Perforated mounting strap for 8" speakers
      • Heavy-gauge steel construction with undercoating that eliminates any mechanical or acoustical resonance caused by vibration
      • Rust preventive finish
      • 4 combination knockouts 1/2" to 3/4"
      • 4 "J" clips for mounting of baffles
  13. Speco TS8 Speaker Ceiling Support for G86TG and G86TCG
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    Price: $7.83
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      • T-Bar bridge for ceiling support of 8" speakers with grilles, top hats, etc
      • Heavy gauge steel construction
      • Dimensions: 23.63" (W) x 14" (H)
      • Sold individually
  14. Speco VGAR Receiver Module
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    Price: $110.39
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      • Works with VGADISTK2 or VGADISTK5 to view remote VGA displays
      • Built-in contrast and brightness adjustments
      • Built-in ESD and power protection
      • LED indication for power and signal
      • Supports resolutions up to 1600x1200 @85Hz
  15. Speco BVMS2 Extra Lithium-Ion Battery for VMS2 Test Monitor
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  16. Speco RC101 Remote Control for DCS, DLS, DPS & DGS Series
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  17. Speco O2MTOH Outdoor Housing for Encoder Box
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  18. Speco PAW60BTM 60W Portable PA Amplifier with Bluetooth and Wireless Microphone
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    Price: $159.50
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      • Wired & wireless audio inputs
      • Separate volume controls for each input
      • Lightweight VHF wireless microphone
      • Built-in rechargeable battery
      • Mounts to 1-3/8” hole on a speaker stand
  19. Speco D16DSAUDCBL Audio Cable for the 16 Channel DS/HS/NS/NSP
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  20. Speco D8DSAUDCBL Audio Cable for the 8 Channel DS/HS/NS/NSP
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20 Item(s)

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