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Lowell Bradford

Working as a young city police officer in the 80s, I saw a need for not only an increase in video surveillance, but an increase in the quality of that surveillance. Too many crimes were going unsolved because of a lack of an eyewitness, and too many criminals walked free because the victim, either homeowner or storeowner, had not protected himself with 24 hour surveillance. I decided to become a private security consultant specializing in video surveillance. I quickly found that there was a need for these services, and decided that if I really wanted to protect and serve, I could do it by helping people prevent crime from happening, rather than being there to solve a crime someone had already committed.


As time passes and surveillance equipment becomes more affordable, it is my mission to show Americans through the products my site offers how easy and affordable it is to protect their properties and families with video surveillance.


Outside of this mission, I enjoy collecting and using firearms while either shooting target practice or hunting. I also love to travel with my family around the United States, with our favorite city being Washington DC. My grandchildren take up much of my free time and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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