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A paramount leader in the security CCTV industry, Cop-USA has sold over 10 million security cameras worldwide. Cop-USA offers a full range and variety of security devices which are suitable for every type of security based application. With China and Taiwan corporate headquarters exclusively designing, manufacturing and producing the brand, most of the assembly and QC testing of their PTZ cameras is solely done in the USA giving customers wholesale prices with professional value.

Offices based in the USA include Miami, Los Angeles, and New York and provide professional excellence and superior service for all North and South American markets. Cop-USA prides themselves on delivering a broad range of product lines from an array of professional wireless surveillance products and high end security systems. Striving forward with developing new surveillance technology advancements, Cop-USA will keep you safe and protected at all times.

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Miami Office
Tel. 1-305-470-1230 / 1-786-431-1131
Fax 1-305-470-4655

Los Angeles Office
Tel. 1-626-333-8866
Fax 1-626-333-8850

New York Office
Tel. 1-718-359-8400
Fax 1-718-359-8786

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  1. COP-USA CHLP65IR-HSL High Resolution 1/3" Color CCD Variable Speed License Plate Camera
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    Price: $379.00
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      • 1/3" SONY CCD High Resolution
      • 560TVL (Enhanced 620 TVL)
      • 0.001 Lux, Slowshutter (Sense up to 32X)
      • Slelectable Speed Shutter 1/60 sec. to 1/12000sec.
      • Super Digital Noise Reduction (SDNR)
  2. COP-USA CHLP120IR-EF 1/3" Color CCD Camera, 720TVL , 0 Lux, IR cut Filter
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    Price: $490.77
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      • 1/3" Color Effio CCD
      • 720TVL Resolution
      • 0 Lux Rating
      • IR Cut Filter (ICR)
      • Slow Shutter (Sense Speed 32X)
  3. Cop-USA CLP45NVD-HSL License Plate Box Camera 620TVL, Day & Night
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    Price: $176.20
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      • 1/3" SONY High Resolution
      • 620TVL
      • 0.001LUX , Slowshutter (sense up to 32X)
      • Super Digital Noise Reduction (SDNR)
      • License Plate viewer
  4. Cop-USA CLP55VAIR-HSL Slow Shutter Color License Plate Box Camera : 1/3" CCD
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    Price: $226.86
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      • 1/3" CCD High Resolution Color Camera
      • High Resolution 560TVL (0 LUX with IR ON)
      • Blue crystal filter (LPF)
      • Slow Shutter License Plate Camera (Sense up to 32X)
      • 66 High Intensity IR LEDs
  5. Cop-USA CLP16IR-HSL License Plate Bullet Camera
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    Price: $291.50
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      • Color 1/3" Sony CCD 560TVL
      • Indoor/Outdoor weather proof IP66 housing
      • 40 high intensity night vision IR LEDs
      • Motorized 16x Zoom 6~96mm
      • 12vdc 1200ma
  6. COP-USA CHLP120IR-SDI Outdoor HD-SDI License Plate Camera W/ 1080p Resolution & 224 LEDs
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    Price: $661.76
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      • 1/2.8” COLOR SDI High Definition Image Sensor
      • 1080P Full HD
      • 0 Lux Rating
      • ICR (IR cut Filter)
      • IP66 Weatherproof Rating

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6 Item(s)

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