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Veilux Weldex Pelco LCD Monitors - Composite

A look at crime statistics will prove that home and business security is a matter that everyone should take seriously, regardless of their location. Why risk what's most important when you can purchase an affordable security system built with the latest technology? For more than 45 years, Surveillance-video has offered more than 100,000 products from some of the top-rated brands in the industry, and our impressive selection includes trusted brands such as Veilux.

Founded in 2002, Veilux has become a renowned world leader when it comes to the concept design, development, and manufacturing of professional security cameras, digital video recorders, and video surveillance products. Veilux has an impressive history of developing and delivering professional, high-quality, and reliable devices that will stand the test of time.

Based in Dallas, Texas, Veilux has grown to deliver more than 100 leading products to the security industry. With distribution and sales facilities in Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, and New York, Veilux not only strives for 100% customer satisfaction but also to branch its roots into North America and the rest of the world. Their international locations include Shangzou, China; Seoul, South Korea; Amman, Jordan; Cairo, Egypt; and London, England.

Veilux products are used in a range of high-end installations, including by the Raytheon Technical Services Co., NASA facilities in Houston, Texas, Navy Region Southwest, Misawa Air Base, and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. With all products 100% tried and tested, Veilux continues to lead the way and make its mark in the security industry.

When you purchase Veilux products for your security system from Surveillance-video, you'll never have to worry about troubleshooting, as we offer lifetime technical support on all of our products. Our customer service team is ready to help at any time: Customers can also give us a call to request a quote or seek help with choosing products that are the best fit for their needs. A system built with the specific location and individual circumstances in mind is bound to be the most effective system. And you can count on Surveillance-video to offer the best prices on Veilux products and other sought-after brands.

Veilux Worldwide
TOLL FREE SALES: (800)-955-5201
GOVERNMENT SALES: 800-955-5201 X 175
FAX: 631-297-8325
TOLL FREE: 1-800-510-6528
LOCAL NUMBER: 1-214-635-4855
  1. Weldex WDL-1900MFM 19-inch Flush Mount LCD Monitor

      • High resolution 1280 x 1024
      • 16.7M colors for true color rendition
      • Multiple inputs - composite video, D-SUB, HDMI
      • Contrast ratio of 1000:1
      • Brightness of 250cd/?
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: WDL-1900MFM
  2. Weldex WDL-1500SRM 15-inch Open Frame-Sun Readable Flat Screen LCD Monitor

      • Active Screen Size - 15" Diagonal
      • Bright Picture Display - 1,500 cd/m²
      • 16,777,216 Colors, 6Bit
      • Viewing Angle - Up: 45°, Down: 55°, Left: 65°, Right: 65°
      • Achieves The Highest Image Quality Through Digital Display Technology
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: WDL-1500SRM
  3. Weldex WDL-1500MFM 15-Inch Color Flush Mount LCD Monitor

      • High resolution 1024 x 768
      • 16.7M colors for true color rendition
      • Contrast ratio of 700:1
      • Brightness of 250cd/m2
      • Viewing angle - 140 deg (H) x 150 deg (V)
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: WDL-1500MFM
  4. Weldex WDL-1700M 17-Inch TFT LCD Flat Screen Monitor

      • High resolution 1280 x 1024
      • Thin cross section - less than 2.5” deep panel
      • 16.7million colors for true color rendition
      • Contrast ratio of 1000:1
      • Brightness of 250cd / m2
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: WDL-1700M
  5. Veilux VLCD-42 42-inch LCD Panel LCD Type

      • 42 Inch TFT LCD Monitor
      • 1920 x 1080 Resolution
      • 1600:1 Contrast Ratio
      • 8ms Response Time
      • HDMI Input
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: VLCD-42
  6. Veilux VLCD-32 32-inch LCD Panel LCD Type

      • 32 Inch TFT LCD CCTV Monitor
      • 1366 x 768 Resolution
      • 800 Cd/m2 Brightness
      • 8ms Response Time
      • HDMI Input
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: VLCD-32
  7. Weldex WDL-1040SRM 10.4-inch Open Frame-Sun Readable Flat Screen LCD Monitor

      • Active Screen Size - 10.4" Diagonal
      • Bright Picture Display - 1,700 cd/m2
      • 262,144 Colors, 6Bit
      • Viewing Angle - Up:40 , Down: 50 , Left: 60 , Right: 60
      • Inputs: D-SUB, Video In(CVBS), S-Video, IR Receiver(Optional)
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: WDL-1040SRM
  8. Weldex WDL-1700SRF Color 17” Sunlight Viewable LCD Monitor

      • Active screen size - 17.0” diagonal
      • Bright picture display - 1200cd/㎡
      • 16.7M colors, 8bit
      • Viewing angle - up: 80˚, down: 80˚, right: 85˚, left: 85˚
      • Inputs: D-SUB, video in (CVBS), S-video, IR receiver (optional)
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: WDL-1700SRF
  9. Weldex WDL-1700MR Rack Mount 17-inch TFT LCD Flat Screen Monitor

      • High resolution 17” flat screen LCD display
      • Heavy duty 19” rack mount housing
      • 16.7M colors for true color rendition
      • Composite video, S-video and VGA PC input
      • Audio (left/right) line inputs and built-in speaker
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: WDL-1700MR