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APPRO Technology specializes in SOC (systems on chips) technology developing products like digital video recorders and IP cameras. They have raised the bar in areas such as system versatility developing units that can cope in a wide variety of conditions both in daylight and at night. They have also developed new lens designs that allow for sharp to the edges wide angle views. This allows their products to use their high resolution to its best advantage in things like freeze frame digital zoom to pick out things like licence plate numbers and faces from a distance. APPRO continues to develop and refine their products in the fields of hardware improvement, software integration, digital video processing, on-line streaming, and broadband telecommunication technology.

APPRO offers servicing and competitive prices to its distribution partners so they can pass these benefits on to their end users, allowing people to not only have a high quality system but servicing and support at their fingertips as well.

Office in U.S

Tel: 1-408-720-0018
Fax: 1-408-720-0019

One of the biggest names in the industry Samsung boasts some of the best image sensor technologies on the market. Over the past 30 years they have refined their production techniques, manufacturing some of the world’s best-performing security cameras, digital video recorders and network control systems.

Samsung provide a comprehensive range of products and complete solutions ranging from city surveillance to the protection of streets, airports, ports, industrial facilities and military installations. Samsung’s world leading imaging technology coupled with cutting edge design makes their equipment some of the most reliable and adaptable available so you can rest assured that you are safe with Samsung.

For warranty information click here:

Samsung Security

Tel: +1 888 595 2288
Fax: +1 972 245 7333

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  1. Appro SVD08MD 8 Lcd Video Monitor With Over
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    Price: $177.88
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      • Robust all Metal Frame and Tempered Glass
      • VGA and BNC x 2 inputs
      • Energy Star, FCC, CE and RoHS
      • 50,000 Hour Rated Lifespan
      • LED Backlights
  2. Appro APG1853 18.5” LCD Video Monitor (16:9) with 1366 X 768 Resolution
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    Price: $185.90
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      • 18.5” LED Video Monitor
      • 1366 X 768 Resolution
      • 3D Comb Filter with De-interlace and Noise Reduction
      • Digital (HDMI) Video Input
      • Analog (Composite, S-Video & VGA) Video Inputs
  3. Appro APG2153 21.5” LCD Video Monitor (16:9) with 1920 X 1080 Resolution
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    Price: $225.00
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      • 21.5” LED Video Monitor
      • 1920 X 1080 Resolution
      • 3D Comb Filter with De-interlace and Noise Reduction
      • Digital (HDMI) Video Input
      • Analog (Composite, S-Video & VGA) Video Inputs

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3 Item(s)

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