IRIS Network Video Recorders

  1. IRIS 7010-80 ATM SiteWatch Kit 80 GB SSD

      • Patented video image-motion masking
      • Embedded operating system (O.S.)
      • Meets FBI guidelines for digital video storage devices
      • Fan-less chassis design - quiet operation with no fan noise
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    SKU: 7010-80
  2. IRIS 7010-180EX ATM SiteWatch Kit (180 GB SSD - recommended for four cameras)

      • Standard “SSD” solid-state storage device. System includes 1GB of RAM
      • Standard system may be programmed for 45 days for all surveillance images and 90 days for transaction images
      • Storage may be increased even more with a 500GB conventional “HDD” hard disk drive
      • Through-the-camera-lens ATM lighting compliance monitoring and reporting
      • Patented video image-motion masking
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: 7010-180EX