Alarm Controls Infrared Sensor

Founded in 1971, Alarm Controls offers a complete line of affordable access control products and accessories to secure and control commercial door openings at an exceptional value. Whether you need maglocks, push buttons, push plates, key switches, keypads, exit devices, electric strikes, wall plates, a power supply, or monitoring and control stations, they have what you need. Their robust push button and push plate product lines provide a wide variety of text, finishes, engravings, fills, and sizes for every application, including pneumatic options.

  1. Alarm Controls SREX-100 Active Focused Infrared Detector

      • Narrow activation zone is limited to door handle area
      • Designed to eliminate cross-traffic activation
      • Can not be deceived by placing objects under door
      • Immune to thermal changes
      • Active request to exit motion sensor
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: SREX-100