ICRealtime Surge Protection

  1. ICRealtime ICR-DTK-MRJPOES Power Over Ethernet Surge Protector

      • Hybrid design utilizing SAD and GDT technologies for optimal protection
      • Supports data speeds up to 10GbE without signal degradation
      • RJ45 female connections with external grounding screw
      • Complies with all IEEE Power over Ethernet standards
      • UL497B Listed
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  2. ICRealtime ICR-DTK-PVP27B Fixed Camera Surge Protector for Coax

      • Each compact design protects power and video conductors
      • 5 Amp, 12/24V circuit protects power feeds to camera, heater, blower, defroster
      • Single point ground improves protection and speeds installation
      • Multi-stage, SAD technology, hybrid design provides the best possible protection
      • DTK-PVP27BP includes passive Balun conversion
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  3. $54.00
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    SKU: Surge-101C