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      • Front and back tamper for commercial fire/burg installations
      • Can be mounted remotely, anywhere on the keypad bus, for extended coverage
      • Compatible with all 5800 series wireless devices
      • Connects to control panel via the keypad bus
      • UL listed for Commercial Fire/Burg applications
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: 5881-ENHC
      • Faster and Easier to Install
      • Smaller/Better with a Family Look
      • Less Costly Maintenance
      • Decreased Liability
      • Optional Cold Temperature Alert
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: 5800PIR
      • Fixed English Alarm Keypad serves as a great secondary keypad
      • Can be placed near a second entrance like a garage door or back door for convenient access
      • Keypad will display the current system status, and it can arm and disarm the system as needed
      • Backlit keys and a backlit screen make it easy to operate the Honeywell 6152 in the dark
      • Keypad will support single-button arming features for fast operation and control
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: HW-6152
      • Hardwired Indoor Motion Detectors for Commercial Applications
      • With state-of-the-art mirror optics and anti-masking technology, advanced temperature detection
      • High-risk commercial application driving more sales and giving you a competitive edge
      • Plus, you’ll save time and money with our Snap & Set installation
      • Performance so superior, you’ll sense the difference
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: DT8050A
      • Provides nine onboard style-B hardwired zones
      • Accommodates 32 keypad macro commands per system
      • Keeps a log of up to 1,000 events
      • Optiflex CCTV support
      • Supports up to 16 two-wire smoke detectors on zone 1
    Low Price Guarantee


5 Item(s)



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