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Home & School Safety for Kids

February 9, 2011 Lowell Bradford News & Articles,Blog 0 Comments

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Teaching our children about proper safety in all aspects is an important part of their education and will benefit them in the future. Children, tweens, and teens need to understand the importance and seriousness of personal safety and how to avoid dangerous situations or unnecessary accidents at home and in school. The following is a collection of resources and material that can be used in the classroom to teach students about safety in many different areas within their home or school.


Safety at Home

  • Fire Safety for Kids – Resources and links about fire safety, including coloring pages and more.
  • Home Safety Handbook – A printable home handbook to help teach kids how to stay safe.
  • Safety at Home – A collection of resources about many different aspects of home safety.
  • Kitchen Safety – A Teacher’s Guide to teaching children about the importance of safety in the kitchen.
  • Kid’s Kitchen Safety – Tips for kids about staying safe around kitchen appliances, like the oven, stove, and microwave.
  • Kids in the Kitchen Safety Quiz – Test your knowledge of kitchen safety with this true-false kitchen safety quiz.
  • Home Safety Checklist – A list of steps that can be used to make sure your home is safe. This is a great addition to a lesson plan; have the students check their home against the sheet to see what they could do to be safer.
  • Garden Safety – Learn how to stay safe in an around your garden at home.
  • Internet Safety for Kids – Before logging into your home computer, learn more about what it takes to stay safe on the Internet.
  • Gaming Safety Tips List – A collection of tips for kids, tweens, and teens about staying safe and protecting their information when playing computer and Internet games.
  • General Safety for Kids – Tons of information and activities for kids about the importance of safety in various situations, including tobacco, drugs and alcohol, and personal safety.
  • After School Safety Tips – If kids are left home after school, there are some things they should be careful of. This page will help emphasize the importance of safety at home after school.
  • Kids and Dogs: Safety First – Learn about the importance of taking proper precautions and safety measures if there is a pet at home.
  • Children and Firearm Safety – Whether or not there is a gun at home, make sure your kids understand the dangers associated with firearms and what they can do to keep themselves safe around guns.
  • Halloween Safety Tips – A printable Halloween safety tip sheet reminding kids how to stay safe when trick-or-treating.
  • First Aid and Safety – A website with information for teachers, parents, and kids about first aid and safety.

Safety at School

  • Playground Safety – A kid-friendly website with important information and advice about how to stay safe while having fun on the school playground.
  • School Bus Safety – A website for kids with helpful information and activities to promote school bus safety and awareness.
  • Backpack Safety – Carrying around a backpack can be hard, learn more about the importance of backpack safety with this handy PDF printout.
  • Youth Sports Injuries – Information for teachers and parents about kids, sports activities, and how to keep kids safe while they play.
  • General Middle and High School Safety Tips – Information for middle and high school students to help make them more aware of potential dangers at school and how to avoid them.
  • Internet Safety for Kids – A variety of information and resources for school-aged students about the importance of Internet safety and how to spot red flags when online.
  • Cross Walk and Walking Safety – Learn about how to be safe when walking down the street.
  • Traffic Safety – Information, printable activities and resources for teaching traffic safety to school children.
  • Stranger Danger: Resources for Educators – Information for teachers and educators about stressing personal safety in schools.
  • Stranger Danger Activity – A printable activity that educators can incorporate into a lesson plan about personal safety.
  • Poison Safety Lesson Plan – A lesson plan for young learners explaining what a poison is and how they are recognized.
  • What is a Bully? – Information about bullying and what kids can do if they are being bullied at school.
  • Kids Against Bullying – A kid-friendly website that promotes nonviolent conflict resolution to put a stop to bullying and cyber bullying.
  • Stop Bullying Now – A website with resources and games for kids about bullying.
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