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GIMP Tutorial

February 28, 2010 Lowell Bradford News & Articles,Blog 0 Comments

surveillance-video_2267_1176198509The GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) is a free graphic editor software program that was released in January 1996. The image retouching and authoring tools presents freeform drawing. GIMP may be used as a paint program, professional photograph editing tool, and an image converter. The program can be used on several operating systems, in several languages, and is appropriate for beginners and professionals for manipulating images.


An Introductory Tutorial-The tutorial teaches the basics of GIMP.

An Introduction to the Gimp – Get started with GIMP using this tutorial.

Manipulating Images with GIMP – Use GIMP to shape and enhance images.

Learning GIMP- A beginners guide to the GNU Image Manipulation Program.

Text with Sharp Borders-Create text with a border using the edit: stroke.

Using Mask Layers- This tutorial guides you while working with mask layers.

Editing Graphics- A basic editing graphics guide.

The Paths Dialog-Instructions for using the path tool to create smooth curves.

Resizing and Scaling- A short guide on resizing and scaling images and layers.

How to Draw a Straight Line – Learn how to draw straight lines and circles.

GIMP Basics- This tutorial focuses on the basics of GIMP such as creating a canvas, color selection, and tools.


Channels and Floating Selections- Tips and guidance for using channels and floating selections..

Selecting Complex Shapes- A lesson on selecting complex shapes.

Drawing Your First Images- An exercise on creating an image in GIMP.

 Transparent Background- Make a transparent background using the Select by Color tool.

Edge-Detect Filters- Find your edge with GIMP’s Edge-Detect filters.

Simple GIMP Animation- A quick guide to creating simple animation.

Object-Based Image Editing- GIMP guide on creating real-time animation of static images.

Replacing Backgrounds –Steps to replacing backgrounds.


Creating Image Pipes- Learn how to make GIMP Image Pipes.

The Perceptron Algorithm- An in-depth guide to image decomposition and compression.

Advanced Animation – Advanced animation guide to using AnimFrames.

Make your own brushes- Explains the types of brushes available in GIMP and how to make your own brushes.

Create Golden Text- A three-part guide to making golden text.

Creating Illustrations From Scratch- A step-by-step guide to creating images by scratch.

Animated GIF- Learn how to make an animated gif.

Photo Editing

Exposure Blending- A great guide on using contrast blending  on images.

Out of Bounds – Creating an out of frame effect tutorial.

Converting a Color Image to Black & White- Tutorial for converting color to black and white using GIMP 2.2.17.

 Selective Colorization- Cool solutions for giving images col

Reducing CCD Noise- Reduce the noise in photos using this guide.

Photo Editing- Tutorial on fixing and adjusting images.


Create Web Images- Create images for the web with this tutorial.

Create Creative Fonts- Create fun fonts using these instructions.

How to Slice an Image- Slice images for your website with these in-depth instructions.

Image Map- Create your own image map.

Script Authoring

Perl Tutorial- Write scripts using the gimp-perl attribute.

GIMP Script-Fu- Exercises for writing your very own procedures for Script-Fu.

Script-Fu Tutorial- A Script-Fu tutorial for GIMP 1.1.24.

Batch Mode- Official GIMP tutorial for Batch mode.

Scripts and Photoshop Plug-ins- A guide for adding scripts and plug-ins to GIMP to add diversity to the program.

Installing Gimp Scripts – Tips and tutorials for installing GIMP scripts.

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