Interlogix Access Controls

  1. GE Security Interlogix N890135 Wiegand Black Swipe Card Reader

      • Wiegand swipe card reader use with easily swiping and reading cards within an application
      • Red/Green LED
      • Self-contained electronics
      • Weather resistant and vandal resistant properties
      • Designed to promote powerful reading properties
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    SKU: N890135
  2. GE Security Interlogix TP-MFC-ISOM-50PK TruPortal Credential - MIFARE Classic ISO Cards 2750OE Magstripe Gloss/Gloss - 50 Pack

      • TruPortal Credential - Mifare Classic ISO Cards
      • 2750oe Magstripe - gloss/gloss - 50 Pack
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  3. GE Security Interlogix 60-568 Barcode Swipe Reader, Weather Resistant

      • Barcode swipe reader
      • High quality weather-resistance
      • Magnetic stripe output
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    SKU: 60-568
  4. GE Security Interlogix 60-789 Phone Line Monitor Card

      • Phone line monitoring card
      • Easy installation, and is designed to be used for Concord panels with a software version 2.5 or later
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    SKU: 60-789
  5. Interlogix 430062001 Model 610 BaFe Touch Card reader, Wiegand output, Beige

      • Compatible with all UTC barium ferrite access control badges
      • Beveled reader face allows easy card-to-plate placement
      • Indoor and outdoor operation
      • Suitable for high-throughput access control applications
      • Self-contained reader electronics
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    SKU: 430062001
  6. Interlogix 520845001 Model 970 Gray Reader and Junction Box Kit

      • Badge read-range distance of up to 25 cm
      • Reads ProxLite®, ISO ProxLite® and Entrée® badges and key tags
      • Four selectable modes of operation
      • Supervised reader-to-microcontroller communication
      • Built-in reader tamper detection
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    SKU: 520845001