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Secrets and Symbols of the Freemasons

November 11, 2009 Lowell Bradford News & Articles,Blog 0 Comments

Masonic Introduction

Almost every city has a Masonic Temple or Masonic Lodge. And, the closest most people get to seeing what goes on in one of these places is when they hold a public barbeque or pancake breakfast or other similar event.

There is no doubt that freemasons have a lot of secrets, and symbols as well. They use numbers as symbols in some instances; in others, they use signs of the zodiac. In addition, they have other symbols, and all have their meaning and purpose.

Freemasons, while cloaking their rites and rituals in secrets, are, however, known for their support of each other and those who may be in need. In fact, Freemasonry has been mentioned as having an influence on happenings during the terms of two separate United States presidents: Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton.

For all the secrecy, it is not uncommon to see Masonic symbols displayed on jewelry. Masonic rings are some of the most common pieces of jewelry; also, one may see Mason symbols on wedding rings or even children’s jewelry. The jewelry is worn to signify to others that the wearer is connected, usually by membership to the Freemasons.

The Use of Zodiac and Other Astrological and Astronomical Signs as Symbols

The Sun, Moon, and stars are very prominent in Masonic symbols. Different opinions exist on their meaning regarding the Free Masons. They could be representative of the Trinity, or could have an entirely different connotation. With countless articles available on the topic, the real truth lies with the Free Masons themselves.

Other symbols of Freemasonry include The Baphomet, The Pentagram, and the Phoenix. The Baphomet was a symbol for an Egyptian god, the Pentagram is a five-pointed star, and the Phoenix is a mythical bird that was consumed by fire but rose from the ashes. Again, how the Freemasons view these symbols is their secret, and controversy exists outside the Freemasonry organization as to their exact meaning when applied to Freemasonry.

The numbers 3 and 13 hold great meaning in Freemasonry, whether used alone or as multiples of or with other numbers. They do not seem to consider 13 an unlucky number, as so many other people do.

Freemasonry also uses the 12 signs of the Zodiac in its symbols. Part of the reason for this is because the Sun is the center, and all planets rotate around it. Further, because Freemasonry has long been associated with alchemy (a practice whereby ultimate wisdom and eternal life could be achieved), and the Zodiac played a large part in that, they have adopted them as part of their symbolism.

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