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A Comprehensive Guide to Forensic Psychiatry

February 28, 2010 Lowell Bradford News & Articles,Blog 0 Comments

surveillance-video_2267_1113133283The field of science where the areas of criminal justice and psychology coexist is called forensic psychiatry. A forensic psychiatrist is a medical doctor with the training of a psychiatrist. Forensic psychiatrists are not lawyers, cops, or judges, but work closely with all three.

A forensic psychiatrist judges the ability of a defendant to stand trial. If a defendant is a child, an elderly person, or someone with a mental disability or ailment, a forensic psychiatrist must decide if that person is capable of standing trial, if that person understands their rights, if they understand they've committed a crime or if they possibly acted in a moment of temporary insanity.

A forensic psychiatrist could also be called into court, as an expert witness in criminal and civil cases. Forensic psychiatrists are often needed to assist with child molestation cases, mental disability cases, violence cases, and elderly offenders. Often times, the psychiatrist would execute a study of an issue in the case and/or the defendant and prepare a report on their findings. The psychiatrist would be called in to the court room to express an expert opinion on the subject at hand.

A forensic psychiatrist could also provide care for mentally ill or dangerous inmates of prisons and jails. Forensic Psychiatry is an interesting field, and it's popularity is growing.

Forensic Psychiatry Research Society - A research society that aims to increase interests in forensic psychiatry, supporting students in their career, and assists the disclosure of research.

Forensic Psychiatry Residency Program – Information on the Center for For Forensic Psychiatry program started in 1974 at the University of Michigan.

Forensic Psychiatry Fellowship Program – Information on the forensic psychiatry program through the University of Rochester Medical Center.

What Does a Forensic Psychiatrist Do? - Information on what a forensic psychiatrist does in their career.

The Present and Future of Forensic Psychiatry – Information that supports the future of forensic psychiatry.

Forensic Mental Health: An Overview – Analysis of what a forensic psychiatrist deals with day to-day.

Forensic Psychiatry: A Developing Subspecialty – An article about the challenges of forensic psychiatry.

Forensic Psychiatry Fellowship – Information on the Harvard Forensic Psychiatry Fellowship at the Massachusetts General Hospital.

About Forensic Psychiatry- Information on a career in forensic psychiatry such as what they do, where they work, how to become a forensic psychiatrist and more.

Psychiatry Nature of Work – Information and career details on the specialty of forensic psychiatry.

UNC Forensic Psychiatry Program and Clinic – Information on the forensic psychiatry through the UNC School of Medicine.

Forensic Psychiatry - Learn about the forensic psychiatry fellowship program though Tulane University.

The Teaching of Forensic Psychiatry in Law Schools, Medical Schools and Psychiatric Residencies in the United States – A study on the teaching of forensic psychiatry.

Forensic Psychiatry Training Program – Information on the psychiatric program at UT Southwestern Medical Center.

Center for Forensic Psychiatry - Information on the residency program in forensic psychiatry at the University of Michigan.

A Forensic Psychiatrist Evaluates ESP- A review from a forensic psychiatrist about awareness training called the“Executive Success Programs”.

Fellowship Program in Forensic Psychiatry – Information on the forensic psychiatry program at Keck School of Medicine in Los Angeles, California.

International Association of Forensic Mental Health Services – A journal of information on forensic mental health.

Psychological Research on the Net- A guide on forensic psychiatry and the general health of humans.

Ethics and Forensic Psychiatry - An article on the ethics of forensic psychiatry.(.pdf)

Forensic Mental Health- Information on how a forensic psychiatrist serves a purpose in court.

The Department of Psychiatry – An overview on the forensic psychiatry program fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.

Forensic Services – Information on teaching forensic psychiatry.

Forensic Psychiatry Residency Program- Information on the residency program through the University of Virginia.

Forensic Psychiatrist – An example of a job specification for a forensic psychiatrist given by Michigan Civil Service Commission.(.pdf)

Forensic Psychiatry - Information on the Menniger Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Services through the Bayer College of Medicine.

Teaching Forensic Psychiatry to General Psychiatry Residents – The teaching and training of forensic psychology.

Principles and Practices of Child Adolescent Forensic Psychiatry – A book review offering help for those starting a career in forensic psychiatry.

A Career in Forensic Psychiatry: The Ultimate Unconscious Resistance? - An article written by Reena Kapoor, M.D. about her experience in forensic psychiatry.

Forensic-Psych – Information and resources from Harvard University alumni.

Forensic Psychiatry Resources – A comprehensive collection of resources from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.

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