Orion Field Monitors - 480 X 320, PIP/PBP, Test Monitors, Deinterlace

Orion Images Corporation is at the forefront of the development of LCD monitors for use in 24/7/365 operations. Built to ISO 9001 specifications, OIC monitors are built to meet the needs of CCTV and pro A/V users. Traditional monitors are designed to be turned off after the work day is done and are built for residential applications; Orion monitors are built to run 24/7/365.

With its global headquarters in Westminster, California, and manufacturing base in Korea, OIC has emerged as one of the fastest growing global manufacturers of PCBs and LCD monitors. Their strong team of customer service associates provides top-notch support, which allows Orion to grow its reputation for innovative solutions, superior technology, performance, and reliability. And here at Surveillance-video, we're proud to carry an array of Orion products, from their high-quality monitors to Orion CCD camera/monitor combinations.

Why Use an Orion Security Monitor?

Since 1971, Surveillance-video has been a leader in the home security industry, and we are proud to bring our customers only the best products from the most reliable brands. We carry the latest Orion surveillance technology for sale at budget-friendly prices. An Orion security camera monitor is a great choice for your commercial security needs because it is long-lasting and backed by the trusted Orion brand. Commercial burglary is common in the United States, but it can be prevented by taking a few simple steps. With an Orion monitor, you will have a clear, high-quality video of activity around your property.

ORION Images Corporation
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  1. Orion TMIP35A 3.5" IP & Analog Test Monitor

      • 3.5 inch touch screen, 480 x 320 resolution
      • Touch screen and key operation
      • Built-in WiFi, wireless network camera test
      • Digital camera image test and video image zoom, record, screen snapshot, photo viewer and playback
      • BNC input & output, both IP & Analog images could be zoomed in 1 ~ 4 times and output
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    SKU: TMIP35A