StarTech American Fibertek Fiber Transmitter was founded in 1985 by Paul Seed and Ken Kalopsia. Paul and Ken met while attending the University of Western Ontario, in London, Ontario in the early eighties. Originally known as StarTech Computer Accessories, the company had very humble beginnings as a "Visa Card" founded operation, manufacturing products such as computer dust covers in the basement of a house.

The company has grown to become a global manufacturer of over 3700 products with operations in five continents but one thing hasn't changed: Paul and Ken's commitment to making our customers' jobs easier.

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    SKU: MT-91P8C
  2. American Fibertek RR-1485-4E Video / RS485 Data, 4-Wire, 1300/1550nm, 21dB (2 Slot Rack Card)

      • Compatible with NTSC; RS – 170A RS – 343A and PAL
      • Diagnostics: Video, Power and Optical Presence
      • Modules or Rack Cards
      • PFM Transmission
      • Full Dynamic Range, No dead zone
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    SKU: RR-1485-4E
  3. American Fibertek RT-81SL 8 Channels Contact Closure System with Power Fail Safe, Singlemode

      • Form-C (Normally Open or Normally Closed) Dry Contact Closure
      • Latching Relays reduce power requirement
      • User-Selectable feature maintains Contact Status through Power-Cycle and Loss-of-Optical-Power.
      • User Control to Reset all Contact Status
      • Diagnostics: DC Power, Optical Presence, and Channel Indicators
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    SKU: RT-81SL
  4. American Fibertek RR-89A-N Single Fiber Bi-directional Transceivers for Aiphone Intercom NEM Systems

      • Bi-directional Audio and Contact
      • Closure Transceivers
      • Diagnostics: Power and Optical Presence
      • Voice Operated (VOX) Transmission
      • FM Modulated Audio
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    SKU: RR-89A-N
  5. American Fibertek MX-50-FX-1F-SC One Fiber/Port Module FX Multimode SC Connector

      • Complete Fiber Optic to Twisted Pair Media Interface
      • Drop and Repeat Capability
      • Auto MDI / MDIX Detection
      • Auto Negotiate 10/100 Ports
      • Link and Activity Indicators for UTP and Fiber Ports
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    SKU: MX-50-FX-1F-SC
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    SKU: MRX-93282C-SL
  7. American Fibertek MRT-91600C-SL 16-Channel 10-Bit Digital Video Transmitter, Single Mode

      • Compatible with NTSC, (RS – 170A & RS –343A), PAL and SECAM
      • Diagnostics: Video, DC Power,OLI
      • Automatic Resettable Fuses on Power Lines
      • 10 Bit Digital Video Transmission
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    SKU: MRT-91600C-SL
  8. American Fibertek MRT-91600C-UTP Sixteen Channel Video Tx - Single Fiber 2Km 10dB MM UTP Inputs

      • Compatible with NTSC, (RS – 170A & RS –343A), PAL and SECAM
      • Diagnostics: Video, DC Power, OLI
      • RJ-45 Video Input Connectors
      • BNC Output Connectors
      • Automatic Resettable Fuses on Power Lines
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    SKU: MRT-91600C-UTP
  9. American Fibertek MRX-8885C 8-Ch Video / RS422/RS232 or RS485 Data

      • Full Color Transmission
      • Real Time Video Transmission
      • Switch Selectable Termination and Fail Safe Bias
      • Wall or Rack Mount
      • PFM Video Transmission
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    SKU: MRX-8885C