Dotworkz Miscellaneous- Proprietary Accessories

  1. Dotworkz AC-BA-LENS Ballistic Lens for BASH

      • Ballistics lens for the BASH security camera enclosure is level 1 rated bullet proof
      • Bulletproof protection against small arms fire such as 9mm
      • 3/4 inch thick and layered with 3 types bullet proofing polycarbonates
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  2. Dotworkz KT-CLNS-4K Vandal Tough Bubble for D-Series Camera Housings, Clear

      • Vandal tough bubble for d-series camera housings, clear
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  3. Dotworkz KT-TLNS-OP 40x Optically Pure Tinted Lens For D2 & D3 Series Enclosures

      • Tinted lens improves daytime viewing in bright conditions and increases camera privacy
      • Acrylic plastic for increased scratch resistance
      • Lens replacement for Dotworkz D2 Enclosure
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  4. $69.00
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  5. Dotworkz AC-OG-LENS Metalized High Impact Lens for BASH

      • Metalized High Impact Lens for BASH Mobilized Security Protection Housing
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  6. Dotworkz KT-HRC1 Humidity Removal Replacement Part

      • Removes up to 3 Cubic Feet of Moisture
      • For Use in Cooldome Camera Enclosures
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    SKU: KT-HRC1
  7. Dotworkz KT-UBNT-NANO Nano Mount for Ubiquiti Antennas

      • Single power source from MVP and cable management from D Series housings for PowerBeam M Series and NanoStation M Series
      • Nano mount allows for 360 degree mounting options for ensuring proper antenna orientation
      • Economical solution to mount Ubiquiti PowerBeam M Series and NanoStation M Series antennas
      • IP68 rated D Series Housing and Nano Mount for the ultimate water, weather and environment protection
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  8. $20.72
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  9. Dotworkz KT-THERM-GE (2") Germanium Lens and Adapter Add-on for S-Type Enclosures

      • 2" Germanium Lens & Adapter Add-on for S-Type Enclosures
      • Mounts securely to all Dotworkz S-Type camera housings
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    SKU: KT-THERM-GE (2")