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American Video Equipment, (AVE) designs and manufacturers closed circuit television products for a wide variety of applications. AVE is best known as a world leader in POS/cash register to video integration allowing POS data to be recorded directly onto your surveillance tape. This feature allows for unique advantage in the retail industry as records of every transaction are backed up automatically as they happen.

Based in Houston, Texas, AVE has been a partner to it's authorized dealers, distributors, and OEM customers since 1988. An all American company AVE will always offer the best service in the industry by answering your questions personally. Their dedicated staff knows their products inside out and will help you get the best out your system no matter where its installed.

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Tel: 281-443-2300
Fax: 281-4438915

EverFocus is a leading manufacturer of a wide variety of surveillance equipment including cameras DVR’s and control systems.

Everfocus is a true manufacturer conducting all their research and development as well as product assembly in house. This means that when you buy an Everfocus product it’s not a third party product that has been tested and rebranded, it’s made by them. This allows Everfocus to deliver high quality dependable units suitable for some of the most challenging environments in the world.

Based in Taiwan EverFocus has offices located around the world including the U.S.A (California & New York), Germany, China and Japan.

For warranty information click here:

EverFocus USA - California:

Tel: (626) 844-8888
Fax: (626) 844-8838

EverFocus USA - New York:

Tel: (631) 436-5070
Fax: (631) 436-5027

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  1. AVE 119006 RS 232 to RS 422/485 Converter
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    Price: $76.00
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      • Converter Miscellaneous
  2. EverFocus EHA-UTPSFP Gigabit UTP
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    Price: $52.00
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      • Gigabit UTP
  3. EverFocus EHA-MMF2UTP MM Fiber To Gigabit UTP
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    Price: $161.50
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      • MM Fiber to Gigabit UTP
  4. EverFocus EHA-SMF2UTP SM Fiber To Gigabit UTP
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    Price: $187.50
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      • SM fiber to gigabit UTP
  5. EverFocus EHA-MC-SFP-UTP SFP To Gigabit UTP
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    Price: $156.00
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      • SFP to Gigabit UTP
  6. AVE 119008 USB to RS232 Converter
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    Price: $45.44
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      • Cable 086 USB to RS232 converter
  7. EverFocus Palun01 Palun TX Connects Between PoE Switch and Coax Cable
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    Price: $119.95
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      • No external power required
      • No re-wiring necessary: Implement IP cameras with existing Coax cables
      • Flexible and secure installation: two eyelets for screws offer a stable mounting platform
      • Easy Installation: slim and compact design provide simple integration
      • Rugged design with splash-proof casing
  8. EverFocus EMX32 Decodes Up to 16 IP Streams or 32 Analog Channels
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    Price: $338.03
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      • Decodes up to four 1080p/30fps video streams in H.264 codec simultaneously
      • Decodes up to 16 IP streams or 32 analog channels (TBD)
      • Multiple control inputs: mouse / remote controller
      • Remote configuration support from built-in web interface
      • Standing mount and VESA mount options

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8 Item(s)

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