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Helping to Prevent Crime

March 25, 2009 Lowell Bradford Blog, News & Articles 0 Comments

Crime is on the rise all around the world, but certain groups are attempting to stop this problem. These groups are working to reduce the number of crimes and hopefully prevent crime. The groups exist on the national level, state level and local level. The national groups hope to set an example for everyone, the state groups hope to reduce crime across the state, and local groups are concerned with the crimes happening in their own backyards.

National Crime Prevention Groups

  • McGruff : national organization devoted to helping kids learn more about preventing crime and staying safe.
  • National Crime Prevention Council : offers information on protecting kids and keeping children safe.
  • Family Violence Prevention Fund : national organization with an emphasis on keeping families safe and saving children from abuse.
  • D.A.R.E : organization known as Drug Abuse Resistance Education to teach people the dangers of drug abuse.
  • Keep America Beautiful : national organization with a slant on keeping the environment clean through recycling and other programs.
  • Graffiti Hurts : organization devoted to cleaning up graffiti and showing teens the problems that graffiti causes.
  • Youth Crime Watch of America : nationwide organization devoted to helping kids learn more about preventing crime in their local community.

State Crime Prevention Groups

Local Crime Prevention Groups

Local crime prevention groups are especially adept at deterring crime. These groups teach children the right way to behave, which reduces the chances that they’ll grow up to take criminal actions. They also teach those in the community how to reduce their own chance of being a victim of crime. Locals learn how to report crimes they see occurring and take steps to prevent crime. These groups often work better than the ones at the national level do.

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