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Keri Systems is among the most popular providers of access control systems and integrated security in the world. Their solutions are perfect for all types of projects, ranging from simple systems for just a few doors to larger-scale systems. Keri even meets enterprise requirements by offering integrated video, biometrics, graphic maps, photo badging, telephone entry, and other powerful features. Their hardware can be integrated with traditional security networking systems or standard TCP/IP networking that utilizes either your existing network or one that’s dedicated to the security system. But Keri Systems is more than just a products company. Since their inception in 1990, they have prided themselves on quality, the ease of both installation and use, and customer service.

As one of the largest manufacturers of independent access control systems in North America, Keri Systems has a lot to offer its clients. They are a company whose products are both reliable and affordable. Their equipment costs less than many other similar systems, making it an effective and budget-friendly choice. Keri uses the latest in expandable software and hardware technology. When using Keri products, you can add on features or doors as needed. Available products are easy to install, learn about, and operate. To create a reliable product that businesses can depend on, the company not only upgrades current products regularly but continues to research and create new and advanced access control and video systems.

Keri Systems is also a smart choice for the environmentally conscious consumer. In its efforts to be a responsible company, Keri has taken measures to reduce its environmental footprint through a green initiative. This is a program that aims to help the company reduce the amount of waste that it produces and energy that it consumes.

Keri Systems
TOLL FREE SALES: (800)-955-5201
GOVERNMENT SALES: 800-955-5201 X 175
FAX: 631-297-8325
  1. Keri Systems NXT-4D-MSC-UL 4 Door /8 Reader NXT Controller with Mercury Powered with Enclosure

      • Provides more functionality, and more features than standard NXT controllers
      • Doubles controller capacity with NXT readers when in/out reading is required
      • Advanced Local Linkage allows design of sophisticated I/O linkage macros
      • Provides advanced Elevator Control with Floor Select reporting
      • Allows for Area Control, AntiPassback and Occupancy
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  2. $1,258.00
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    SKU: 909038126
  3. EverFocus EFC-02-1A Flex Series Controller 2 Door Access System

      • Proximity Keyfob
      • Made for Everfocus access control systems
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    SKU: EFC-02-1A
  4. Keri Systems PXL-500P Tiger II Controller, MS Proximity Compatible

      • Sophisticated Hardware Platform that reduces the total installed cost of access control
      • 100% Distributed Intelligence, Expandable 1 or 2 Doors at a Time
      • PXL-510 with Extra Serial Port provides alarm system control capability (arming and disarming)
      • Great Installer Features Including Self-Configuring Hardware with No Jumper Settings, Digital Address Selection and Readout without DIP Switches, Quick Disconnect Terminals, and on-Board Diagnostics
      • RS-485 Networking, 256 door/65,000 User Capacity
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    SKU: PXL-500P
  5. Suprema DM-20 Secure Multi-Door I/O Module

      • Control up to four doors via multiple inputs and outputs
      • Provides centralized access control of up to 32 doors and eight biometric devices
      • Secure data transmission thanks to encrypted communication
      • Monitor device status with four supervised inputs
      • TTL inputs and outputs
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    SKU: DM-20
  6. Keri Systems NXT-4D-MSC 4 Door / 8 Reader NXT Controller with Mercury Firmware

      • 4 Door/8 Reader Controller for Keri’s NXT product line
      • On-board TCP/IP connectivity – no network adapters required
      • Manages 4 doors with In/Out capability when using NXT Readers
      • Reduce cabling costs over RS-485, Current Loop, or other traditional networking schemes by using shielded CAT-5
      • Utilize existing LAN/WAN/Ethernet or pull your own dedicated CAT-5/6 Network
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  7. Comelit 1452 ViP Series Remote Connection Interface

      • ViP series remote connection interface
      • Dimension: 14x165x190 mm
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    SKU: 1452
  8. Comelit 3639-3 Pillar for Powercom Entrance Panel with 3 Modules, Height 170

      • Extruded aluminium stand with steel coloured finish
      • Aluminium rain shield and floor-mounted base
      • Bolts provided
      • Height 170 cm
      • Standard with 3 modules 18cm x 170cm x 7,5cm
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    SKU: 3639-3
  9. Comelit 909020052 DIN Rail Mountable 530 Output Controller

      • 12 user configurable outputs (10 x 2Amp and 2 x 8Amp)
      • Multiple output modes including latched, momentary, toggled and pulsed.
      • Configurable time profiles
      • 2 x user configurable inputs (2, 3 or 4 state modes)
      • One-Touch test mode for ease of commissioning and in-life fault diagnosis
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    SKU: 909020052