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When Comelit was first established their first intercom system still worked using thermionic valves. For more than half a century, Comelit has been a leading player in the technology sector and has seen technology go through an evolution from those early beginnings to what we see today. Today they specialize in: door entry systems, access control, video surveillance and telephone switchboards.

In all these application fields what seemed impossible just a few years ago is now a concrete reality. Innovation is the key in all areas of communication and surveillance and Comelit has invested in its R&D program to bring innovation to the forefront of its business activity delivering functional and stylish products for their clients.

Comelit USA

Tel: (888) 692-9739
Fax: (626) 930-0488
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  1. Comelit 3458 Access Control Accessory Module for External Units, 316
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  2. Comelit SK9020 Control Unit for SimpleKey Advanced, 1 Reader controller
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    Price: $457.50
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      • Mifare reader to insert into Comelit housing
      • Watertight PVC housing
      • 2 operation LEDs
      • Connected to management unit by 2 wires + power supply
      • Maximum range 1000 m
  3. Comelit 1952 ViP Series Audio/Video Doorman(Conceirge) Switchboard
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    Price: $1,199.82
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    The 1952 from Cyrex is a ViP series Audio/Video doorman(Conceirge) switchboard. Table version audio-video porter switchboard, with alphanumeric and touch display key pad that makes the use of functions easy and intuitive. Allows the visitor to be seen and the name or apartment number of the user being called to be displayed Thanks to Sicur Digit (not supplied) video calls can be recorded. Day/Night setting and intercommunicating user/user service. 12V DC power supply with art. 43082 or directly from VIP network. WI FI. Dimensions:193 x 223 x 65 mm.


    • Alphanumeric keypad
    • Colour touch Screen
    • Day/ Night settings
  4. Comelit SK9071 Lift Interface, 10 Relays Box
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    Price: $259.84
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      • Connects to management modules by 2 wires + power supply
      • Allows you to activate one (or more) temporary output relays to program badges
      • You can connect up to 10 housings or 100 levels
      • 12 V DC power supply
      • PVC housing for DIN rail mounts: 55 x 85 x 20 mm
  5. Comelit 3329 Powercom Module for SimpleKey Reader (SK9000, SK9001)
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  6. Comelit 3325 PTT Module for Postal Locks
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  7. Comelit 3326 Module Illuminated from the Rear
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    Price: $49.98
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      • Module illuminated from the rear with blue LED
      • Dimensions: 112 x 89.5 x 38 mm
  8. Comelit 3328 Powercode Electronic Digital Key Module
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  9. Comelit 3344 Name Plate/Information Module
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  10. Comelit 3346 System Engaged Signaling Module
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  11. Comelit PTT-PS PTT Surface Mount Module for Powercom Entrance Panel - 2 Module Includes PTT, Bracket and Surfac Mount Bracket
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    Price: $201.30
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      • Postal Lock Surface Mount Module For Powercom Entrance Panel
      • 2 module stand-alone unit with surface mount bracket
      • To be used with US and Canadian government standard post lock mechanism
      • Includes PTT, frame and surface mount bracket
      • Lock not included
  12. Comelit PTT-PF PTT Flush Mount Module for Powercom Entrance Panel - 2 Module, Includes PTT, Bracket And Flush Mount Bracket
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  13. Comelit 3639-2 Pillar for Powercom Entrance Panel with 2 Modules, Height 170
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    Price: $809.40
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      • 2 Module Pillar For Powercom Entrance Panel 170 Cm Height
  14. Comelit 3639-3 Pillar for Powercom Entrance Panel with 3 Modules, Height 170
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    Price: $878.01
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      • Extruded aluminium stand with steel coloured finish
      • Aluminium rain shield and floor-mounted base
      • Bolts provided
      • Height 170 cm
      • Standard with 3 modules 18cm x 170cm x 7,5cm
  15. Comelit 1452 ViP Series Remote Connection Interface
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15 Item(s)

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