Yale Panasonic Axis Gaskets

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The Yale residential hardware line of products includes electronic door locks and mechanical hardware which features leading edge technologyintegration. Leading the way in the security industry, Yale is continuing to develop new and improved state of the art security systems which provide safetyand security for all homes and business owners. Yale is committed to creating high quality products which receive 100% customer satisfaction right aroundthe world. For information about their warranty click here: http://www.yaleresidential.com/en/yale/yaleresidential-com/warranty/

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  1. Axis 01785-001 IP66 Cable Gasket for M16 Holes 10 Pcs

      • IP66 cable gasket for M16 holes (max 17mm)
      • By using the included CONNECTOR GUARD A over the RJ45 connector, you do not need to re-terminate the network cable which gives a much faster and more secure installation
      • Suitable for cable diameters between 5-8mm. Black color. 10 pieces (bulk pack)
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