Computar Lenses - 35mm, F/2.6, F/1.4

  1. Computar F3526-MPT 45 Megapixel 1.4" 35mm F2.6 (C Mount) Machine Vision Lens

      • 1.4” Format
      • 45 Megapixel
      • 35mm Fixed
      • F2.6
      • IMX350 2.74μm
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    SKU: F3526-MPT
  2. Computar M3514-VSW 2/3" 35mm, F1.4, C- Mount, Manual Iris Lens

      • Unique coating technology delivers high transmission from 400nm to 1,700nm.
      • High-resolution, low-distortion design offers Megapixel clarity in the hyperspectral application
      • Also available in 5mm, 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 25mm, and 50mm
      • Designed around the popular φ8.20mm image circle format
      • The industry’s most compact form factor. Fits in most applications
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    SKU: M3514-VSW