NY Wholesale Intercom Alpha Comelit Viking Cards & Accessories

NY Wholesale Intercom

NY Wholesale Intercom

  1. Comelit 909021039 153KHz ISO Proximity Card, 10 Pack

      • Helps provide a secure working environment
      • Simple to use
      • Durable and robust
      • Meets ISO standards for thickness; use with all direct image or thermal transfer printers
      • Can be easily deleted from the access control system (without the physical presence of the ID card)
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    SKU: 909021039
  2. Alpha LC502 (2) Subscriber Card, RM5000EX

      • (2) Subscriber Card, RM5000EX
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    SKU: LC502
  3. NY Wholesale Intercom HL-3-X100 Keyfobs for ID Systems, 100 Packs

      • Works with DMR11, DMR18S and DT-607 series entry panels with built-in readers (/ID)
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: HL-3-X100
  4. Comelit 909021019 ID Prox Card 1.1 mm Magnetic Stripe HI-CO, Pack of 10

      • PAC ISO card with pre-punched hole along both edges
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    SKU: 909021019
  5. Comelit 909020256 PAC K3010 125KHz Proximity Key Fob, 10 Pack

      • KeyPAC K3010 Fob is compatible with the entire Stanley Oneprox and KeyPAC reader and credential range
      • Unobtrusive and compact it fits on a key ring and can be easily incorporated into any existing Stanley PAC security management software
      • Passive proximity technology in the key fob requires no batteries or physical contact with the reader
      • Tokens are virtually wear-free and will provide years of service with no maintenance backed by a lifetime guarantee
      • Robust, world-class construction combined with advanced technology and a pre-programmed unique identification number without site codes
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: 909020256
  6. Comelit 909021089 PAC STFOB Stanley Branded Proximity Key Fob, 10 Pack

      • PAC STFOB Stanley Branded Proximity Key Fob, 10 Pack
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    SKU: 909021089
  7. $18.00
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    SKU: SK9050R-A
  8. Camden Door Controls CV-KTA AWID Format Proximity Key Tag, Package of 25

      • Wiegand output, HID and AWID supported
      • Rugged weather-resistant design
      • Range up to 5” (127mm)
      • Electronics are sealed in tamper and weather resistant epoxy potting
      • 75mA +5 – 16VDC (Max at 12VDC)
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  9. $7.47
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    SKU: SK9050B-A