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August Home VideoComm RVS Systems Veilux Active Vision Security Cameras

August Home focuses on making home security simple, secure, and easily accessible to any consumer. They are committed to designing products and services that allow anyone to monitor and manage entry into the home from wherever, are while keeping intruders out. They've created a thoughtful system of products and services that are easy to use, aesthetically stylish, and completely reliable. August Home products make life simpler and more secure.

  1. RVS Systems RVS-CL-NC 620 TVL Clearance Light Backup Camera, No Cable

      • Mounts as the clearance light on vehicle
      • DOT approved (SAE J2042 + SAE J592)
      • 8 infra-red lights - excellent night vision
      • 150° ultra-wide viewing angle
      • Completely waterproof camera - IP68
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  2. RVS Systems RVS-7706135-02 620 TVL Backup Camera, 7" Display, Left Side Camera, 33' and 66' Cable

      • Backup Camera System with 1 Backup and 1 Side Camera
      • 7" or 9" LED Digital Panel Display (See Item Options)
      • Waterproof Cameras with Infra-Red Night Vision
      • Optional Quad View Upgrade (See Item Options)
      • Built-in Mic and Speaker for Audio
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: RVS-7706135-02
  3. RVS Systems RVS-2CAM-A-04 Wireless Backup Camera with 7" Dual Screen Display, 2.1mm Lens

      • Digital Wireless Connection - Up to 70ft
      • Dual Screen - Can Connect Two Cameras
      • Auto Pair - Pair The System Without Leaving The Cab
      • 130° Ultra Wide Viewing Angle
      • Waterproof Backup Camera with Infra-Red Night Vision
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: RVS-2CAM-A-04
  4. RVS Systems RVS-770615 620 TVL Analog Outdoor Backup Camera System with Three Camera Setup, 2.5mm Lens

      • Backup Camera System with Three Cameras
      • 7" or 9" LED Digital Panel Color Display
      • 130° Ultra Wide Viewing Angle
      • Waterproof Backup Cameras with Infra-Red Night Vision
      • Optional Quad View Upgrade
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: RVS-770615
  5. RVS Systems RVS-355W-SC-04 540 TVL Wireless Backup Camera, 7" Wireless Display, Suction Cup Mount

      • 7" LED Digital Monitor with Suction Cup Mount
      • Waterproof Backup Camera with Infra-Red Night Vision
      • Two Wired inputs - Connect Up To Two Side Cameras
      • Guaranteed transmission of 100ft Even At Highway Speeds
      • Instant Pair - Pair System Without Leaving Your Cab
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: RVS-355W-SC-04
  6. RVS Systems RVS-50W Simplesight™ 130° Wireless Backup Camera With 9 Infra-red Illuminators, 2.1mm

      • Wireless Camera for the RVS-355W system
      • Guaranteed transmission of 100 ft. even at highway speeds!
      • Waterproof Backup Camera with Infra-Red Night Vision
      • Pair with a compatible monitor without leaving your cab
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: RVS-50W
  7. RVS Systems RVS-770-17 130° 620 TVL Backup Camera, 16' Cable

      • 1/3" Sharp® Color CCD Camera
      • 130° Ultra Wide Viewing Angle
      • 18 Infra-Red Lights - 50ft of Night Vision
      • Completely Waterproof - IP69K Rating
      • Built-In High Gain Mic
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: RVS-770-17
  8. RVS Systems RVS-775R-08 120° HD Side Camera, Right, 33' Cable, RCA Adapter, Black

      • 120° angle left side camera, White
      • Weather-resistant
      • 16' Cable
      • 2.1mm Lens
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: RVS-775R-08
  9. Veilux VP-FDNC36X 36x D/N High Speed PTZ Camera

      • Pan: 360 at maximum speed of 0.05~220°/ sec
      • Tilt: 0~ 90 at maximum speed of 0.03~140° / sec
      • Auto panning function with 30 preset positions
      • Auto switch from 1 to 30 preset position
      • Built-in OSD Menu, to change dome parameter, save or call preset, and achieve auto scan, pattern etc
    Low Price Guarantee