Body Temperature Detection Network Camera System

August Home VideoComm Alpha COP-USA Security Cameras

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  1. Cop-USA CD57NV-TI250 Dome Camera, Dual thermal and optical imaging

      • Boasts the worlds most advanced third-generation uncooled VOx infrared focal plane array (FPA) with 320x240 pixels
      • Affords outstanding image quality and thermal sensitivity that can detect temperature difference less than or equal to 85mK (or <35mK at f/1)
      • With a detection range of over 500m, the device us able to generate well-defined images in full darkness, haze, and smog
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    SKU: CD57NV-TI250
  2. Alpha ABLPTZC Tower PTZ Color Camera Package

      • Tower PTZ color camera package
      • Used with the Alpha Bluelight systems towers & call stations
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  3. Alpha ABLIPDC Tower IP Color Dome Camera, 32G

      • Tower IP color dome camera - 32G
      • Used with the Alpha bluelight systems towers & call stations
    Low Price Guarantee
  4. Alpha ABLPICAM Bluelight Pinhole IP Camera

      • Bluelight Pinhole IP Camera
      • Includes trigger function
      • Used with the Alpha Bluelight systems towers & call stations
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  5. Alpha KM-CT Color Camera Module, 3.8mm, Titan

      • Color camera module- 3.8mm, Titan
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    SKU: KM-CT
  6. Alpha ABLIPCAO IP Color Pinhole Camera & Trigger Addon

      • Power requirements: PoE or 12vdc
      • Field adjustable viewing angle
      • High resolution 1280 x 960
      • HD 1080p video
      • RJ45 IP or BNC analog connection
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  7. COP-USA CD55NVT-H High Speed PTZ Dome, 360 deg 36x 530 TVL Indoor, Flush Ceiling Housing

      • New Auto Tracking PTZ in 360° spherical algorithm
      • Built-in SONY Block Camera, 36X
      • 530TVL 36X optical Zoom / 12X Digital Zoom
      • Wall Mount Bracket Included
      • 7 Alarm Input / 2 Alarm Output
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    SKU: CD55NVT-H
  8. Alpha KMB-CT Color Camera Module, Nocoax, Titan

      • Color camera module-Nocoax, Titan
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  9. Alpha KMB-CW Color Camera Module, Nocoax, White

      • Color camera module-Nocoax, White
    Low Price Guarantee