Body Temperature Detection Network Camera System

August Home Eufy KJB Security Cameras

August Home focuses on making home security simple, secure, and easily accessible to any consumer. They are committed to designing products and services that allow anyone to monitor and manage entry into the home from wherever, are while keeping intruders out. They've created a thoughtful system of products and services that are easy to use, aesthetically stylish, and completely reliable. August Home products make life simpler and more secure.

  1. Eufy T88511D1 eufyCam2 Pro 2K Weatherproof 2 Camera System 365 Battery

      • 2K Resolution: When it comes to security, the key is in the detail. See exactly what is happening in and around your home in crisp 2K clarity
      • A Year’s Security from 1 Charge: Avoid frequent trips to charge the battery and enjoy 365-day battery life from just one charge
      • Zero Hidden Costs: Designed to protect your home as well as your wallet, eufyCam 2 Pro is a one-time purchase that combines security with convenience
      • Advanced Night Vision: The F2.0 aperture lens and high photosensitivity sensor allow for more light to be captured and for the total surface area monitored to be increased. The end result is superior image quality for your nighttime recordings
      • Ready for Any Weather: With an IP67 weatherproof-rating, eufyCam 2 Pro is built to withstand the elements
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    SKU: T88511D1
  2. KJB SGC7100WF 1 Megapixel Indoor Network IP IR Night Vision Smoke Detector Covert Camera

      • HD Recording | 720P Resolution: 1280x720p
      • Cloud Storage: Subscription Based
      • Watch Live Video and Recorded Video from Anywhere at Anytime
      • Event Notifications so you always know what is taking place in your home or office
      • Use on multiple smart devices
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    SKU: SGC7100WF
  3. KJB DP-210 Drive Proof Black Box Dual Car Camera

      • Easy to install Mute button Exterior View Video Camera
      • 2 Cameras 1 external and 1 Interior View Camera w/IRs
      • GPS Data Logging
      • Max SD card storage up to 64 GB Store up to 105 hours of recorded video
      • Locking Tamper Resistant SD Card Slot Cover
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    SKU: DP-210
  4. KJB SC97094K Zone Shield 4K Night Vision Smoke Detector DVR Bottom View Camera

      • HD Resolution UP to 4K
      • Selectable Resolution 4K-720
      • Adjustable frame rates as high as 120FPS
      • Time/Date Stamped Files
      • Digital CMOS camera with 2160 Image Censor Provides Crystal Clear Captured Video
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: SC97094K
  5. KJB TMT 2 Megapixel Network Indoor 30 Person Thermal Image Body Temperature Camera, 3.2mm Lens

      • High Temperature Screening Accuracy ± 0.3
      • Increase Temperature screening efficiency
      • Supports Picture in Picture viewing WDR
      • Ability to detect 20 to 30 people's temperature simultaneously
      • Temperature Range from 86F to 113F
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    SKU: TMT
  6. KJB VPC 5 Megapixel Indoor/Outdoor Pole Covert Camera

      • HD Video Display
      • High Quality 5MP, IP68 Waterproof, stainless steel camera head
      • Auto LED Lights for Night Vision and Dark Spaces
      • Comes with high-grade aluminum case
      • Video records to Memory Card | Supports up to 32G
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    SKU: VPC
  7. KJB VSCPC-200N 360° Video Pole Camera Kit

      • HD video display, clear picture visual inspection
      • Small superconducting 360 degrees flexible hose, 120 degree ultra wide range observation of wide-angle lens. Let the search visual dead angles
      • High Quality camera lens, stainless steel shell camera, LED camera with 12V fill light (LED light on / off custom). The instrument can easily adapt to the dark, gap and other complex environment
      • High-grade aluminum box packaging, more conducive to the preservation of product maintenance
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: VSCPC-200N
  8. KJB LM2000 Complete Surveillance Kit

      • Complete Surveillance Kit
      • Hidden camera technology built into your everyday items
      • Makes it easy to quickly deploy in the field
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: LM2000
  9. KJB TMT2 Body Temperature Scanner Camera

      • Check all of your employees' body temperatures on arrivalusing facial recognition
      • Keep records of the body temperature scans
      • High precision infrared temperature detector
      • Network to your existing access control system
      • Can scan one person every 1-2 seconds
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    SKU: TMT2