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August Home Bosch Ring RVS Systems Security Cameras

August Home focuses on making home security simple, secure, and easily accessible to any consumer. They are committed to designing products and services that allow anyone to monitor and manage entry into the home from wherever, are while keeping intruders out. They've created a thoughtful system of products and services that are easy to use, aesthetically stylish, and completely reliable. August Home products make life simpler and more secure.

  1. RVS Systems RVS-770-N 130° Backup Camera with 18 Infrared Illuminators

      • 1/3" Sharp Color CCD Camera
      • 130° Ultra Wide Viewing Angle
      • 18 Infrared Lights - 50ft of Night Vision
      • Completely Waterproof - IP69K Rating
      • Built-In High Gain Mic
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    SKU: RVS-770-N
  2. Bosch NDP-7512-Z30 2 Megapixel Outdoor Pendant Mount IP PTZ Camera, 30x Lens

      • Starlight technology with excellent low-light performance and High dynamic range of 120 dB to see detail in difficult light conditions
      • Incorporates the latest H.265 video compression technology to reduce bandwidth and storage requirements
      • Built-in Intelligent Video Analytics alert operators in case of unusual scene activity
      • Edge intelligence with Intelligent Tracking and object detection even when the camera is moving
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: NDP-7512-Z30
  3. Bosch NTV-3502-F03L 2 Megapixel Indoor IR Turret Dome Camera, 2.8mm Lens

      • 1080p resolution
      • Built-in Essential Video Analytics to trigger relevant alerts and quickly retrieve data
      • Fully configurable H.265 multi-streaming
      • High Dynamic Range (120 dB) for challenging bright and dark scenes
      • Built-in IR illuminator with 15 m (49 ft) viewing distance
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: NTV-3502-F03L
  4. RVS Systems RVS-770619N 620 TVL Analog Backup Camera System With 7" Replacement Mirror Monitor, 2.5mm Lens

      • 7" TFT LCD Mirror Replacement Color Monitor
      • Attaches to windshield replacing rear view mirror
      • Completely waterproof backup camera with an IP69K rating
      • 18 infra-red lights provide 50ft of night vision
      • 3 Channel - can add an additional two cameras
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: RVS-770619
  5. Bosch NBN-63023-B 2.1 Megapixel DINION IP Starlight 6000 Box Camera

      • Excellent low-light performance
      • Built-in Essential Video Analytics to trigger relevant alerts and quickly retrieve data
      • Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction reduces bandwidth and storage requirements by up to 50%
      • Extended Dynamic Range mode to see details in bright and dark areas simultaneously
      • Auto back focus for fast installation
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: NBN-63023-B
  6. RVS Systems RVS-659-03 170° 700 TVL Flushmount Backup Camera (FMVSS 111 Compliant), 16' Cable

      • Flushmount - mount with bracket (sold separately) or flush against vehicle
      • Makes your vehicle FMVSS 111 Compliant
      • 170° ultra-wide viewing angle
      • 700 TV Lines
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: RVS-659-03
  7. Bosch NBN-80052-BA 5MP Box Camera

      • Remarkable low-light performance (0.0121 lx)
      • 5MP (3K) high detail at fast speeds (30 fps)
      • Low network strain and storage costs
      • Outstanding wide dynamic range (97+16 dB)
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: nbn-80052-ba
  8. Bosch NFN-60122-F0 12 Megapixel Indoor Panoramic Sensor Camera, 1.6mm Lens

      • 12MP / 30 fps sensor for fine details with smooth motion
      • Discreet and aesthetic in-ceiling design
      • Easily painted for unobtrusive installation
      • Edge or client-side dewarping for easy integration
      • Built-in Essential Video Analytics to trigger relevant alerts and quickly retrieve data
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: NFN-60122-F0
  9. RVS Systems RVS-CL-01 620 TVL Clearance Light Backup Camera, 66' Cable

      • Mounts as the clearance light on vehicle
      • DOT approved (SAE J2042 + SAE J592)
      • 8 infra-red lights - excellent night vision
      • 150° ultra-wide viewing angle
      • Completely waterproof camera - IP68
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: RVS-CL-01