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ORION Images Corporation (OIC) leads the industry in the design and development of commercial grade LCD monitors certified for use in demanding 24/7/365 operations. Built to the international standard ISO 9001 OIC monitors are designed to meet the diverse needs of CCTV, Pro A/V and Commercial users. Unlike traditional consumer monitors that are designed to be turned off every 8 – 10 hours and can only be warranted in residential applications OIC monitors are built to run 24 / 7 / 365 continuously.

With their global headquarters is in Westminster, California and manufacturing base in Korea OIC have emerged as one of the fastest growing global manufacturers of PCB's and LCD monitors. Their strong team of customer service specialists provide the best possible support allowing OIC to continue to build on its reputation for superior technology, innovative solutions, competitiveness, performance and reliability.

ORION Images Corporation

Tel: (714) 766-6300
Fax: (714) 766-6310

If you look back over the milestones of the surveillance industry you will find the name Ikegami. The Ikegami name in the USA had small beginnings starting out in 1964 with just $2,000 in capital and a small Manhattan sales office. Since then, the company has become a recognized leader in the color television camera industry and a major supplier of high end broadcast equipment. Ikegami is now one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-quality professional broadcast equipment offering a broad range of TV cameras for ENG, EFP, Studio, HDTV and CCTV. Their name has become synonymous with quality with many of their products receiving awards for engineering excellence.

By listening to their customers' comments and opinions, Ikegami will continue manufacturing products, which meet the market’s needs.

For warranty information click here:

Ikegami Electronics (USA) Inc.

Tel:(201) 368-9171 x 235
Fax: (201) 368-1305
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  1. Orion CM3105IR CS-Mount 3-10.5mm f/1.4 to Close DC-Iris Lens
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  2. Ikegami IK-YV10X5HR4A-SA2L 1/3-inch 1.3MP 5-50mm F1.6, IR
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    Price: $95.44
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      • 10X Zoom
      • For 1.3 MP Cameras
      • Wide Angle
      • Telephoto Long Focal
      • DC Auto Iris
  3. Ikegami IK12VG412ASIRSQ   412 mm C Mounts F1.2 360 IR Aspherical
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    Price: $173.78
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      • 4mm to 12mm C mount lens
      • Providing infrared aspherical lens qualities
      • F360 and an F 1.2 capability
      • C mount lens
      • Easy setup with its ring lock mechanism
  4. Ikegami IK-12VG1040ASIR-SQ 1/2-inch C Mount 10-40mm f/1.4 Varifocal Auto Iris Lens
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    Price: $139.95
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      • 10mm to 40mm C mount lens
      • Featuring infrared aspherical qualities
      • F360F and 1.4 capabilities
      • C mount lens
      • Ring lock mechanism for securing the control ring on the lens in place
  5. Ikegami IK-12VM1040ASIR 1/2-inch C Mount 10-40mm f/1.4 Varifocal Manual Iris Lens
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    Price: $111.95
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      • 10mm to 40mm C mount lens
      • Infrared aspherical lens
      • F360 and F 1.2 capabilities
      • C mount lens
      • Aspherical lens design which helps keep images precise
  6. Ikegami IK-DV5X3.6R4B-2 1/2-inch CS Mount 3.6-18mm f/1.8 Varifocal Manual Iris Lens
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    Price: $98.95
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      • CS mount lens
      • Provides exceptional image clarity
      • 3.6mm to 18mm focal length
      • An F1.8 to T360 aperture
      • Compact size
  7. Ikegami IK-DV5X3.6R4B-SA2L 1/2-inch CS Mount 3.6-18mm f/1.8 Varifocal Auto Iris Lens (with Long AI Cable)
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  8. Ikegami IK-HV7517D 1/2-inch C Mount 7.5-75mm f/1.7 Varifocal Auto Iris Lens
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    Price: $35.95
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      • 7.5 to 75mm C mount lens
      • Overall sharpness of vision plus superior light management
      • F1.7 to T360 aperture capability
      • Compact size for easy installation
      • Auto iris DC operation, a manual focus operation
  9. Ikegami IK-YV2.7x2.9LA-2  2.9-8.0 mm CS mount  F0.95 Close
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    Price: $13.95
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      • CS mount
      • Varifocal lens 2.9 to 8mm
      • F 0.95 sized aperture
  10. Ikegami IK-H3Z4512CSIR  4.5-2.5mm, CS Mount, F1.2 Close
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    Price: $142.50
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      • F1.2 / Day/Night Type
      • 3X Zoom
      • CS Mount
  11. Ikegami IK-DTV3X0310D 1/3" CS-Mount 3.0 to 8.5mm DC Auto Iris Lens
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  12. Ikegami IK-DTV3X0310M CS Mount 3.0 - 8.5mm Lens
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  13. Ikegami IK-TV3X0310D BEIGE Pro Series Day & Night CS-Mount Varifocal Lens
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  14. Ikegami IK-TV3X0310M BEIGE 1/3" CS Mount 3-8.5mm Lens with Manual Iris (IR)
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    Price: $16.80
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      • 1/3" Format Sensors
      • Varifocal Lens (3-8.5mm)
      • Large Aperture - f/1.0
      • ED / Aspherical Lens Elements
      • High-contrast
  15. Ikegami IK-YV5X2.7R4B-SA2L CS-Mount 2.7 - 13.5mm F1.3 Lens
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  16. Ikegami IK-DTV2714 1/3 Type 2.7-12mm Variforcal Lens
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  17. Ikegami IK-DTV5513 Megapixel Lens, 5.5mm-50mm, F1.3, Manual Iris
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  18. Ikegami RC-ISD2012 Remote Control Unit
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    Price: $71.44
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      • Use with ISD-A14, A15, A33, A35 Cameras
      • Runs on 3 V Battery
      • Access to Camera Functions via OSD
      • Zoom In & Out / Auto Focus Buttons
      • Multi-Directional Control
  19. Ikegami SUT-A14 Control Board for ISD-A14
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    Price: $10.00
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      • Board with Wired Remote Control
      • For ISD-A14 Cube Camera
      • For Accessing OSD Menu

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19 Item(s)

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