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ORION Images Corporation (OIC) leads the industry in the design and development of commercial grade LCD monitors certified for use in demanding 24/7/365 operations. Built to the international standard ISO 9001 OIC monitors are designed to meet the diverse needs of CCTV, Pro A/V and Commercial users. Unlike traditional consumer monitors that are designed to be turned off every 8 – 10 hours and can only be warranted in residential applications OIC monitors are built to run 24 / 7 / 365 continuously.

With their global headquarters is in Westminster, California and manufacturing base in Korea OIC have emerged as one of the fastest growing global manufacturers of PCB's and LCD monitors. Their strong team of customer service specialists provide the best possible support allowing OIC to continue to build on its reputation for superior technology, innovative solutions, competitiveness, performance and reliability.

ORION Images Corporation

Tel: (714) 766-6300
Fax: (714) 766-6310

MG Electronics is a leading manufacturer of products utilized by OEM, distributors and professional equipment installers throughout North America. Their products include a wide range of auxiliary equipment such as mounts, cases, cables and plugs. MG Electronics have been providing high quality, cost effective, innovative product solutions to intrusion, surveillance, distributed sound and access professionals for over 50 years. This level of experience has allowed them to develop a detailed picture of what the industry needs and the quality it demands and delivers on both.

Their support is highly personalised, the kind you only get from a local company. Based in Hauppauge NY MG Electronics will personally assist you with their product range giving friendly advice and support both pre and after sale that is second to none.

For warranty information click here:

MG Electronics

Tel: (631) 582-3400
Fax: (631) 582-3229
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  1. MG Electronics BNC-1A BNC Twist On Connectors For Rg 59/62
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    Price: $2.74
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      • BNC twist on connectors for RG 59/62
  2. MG Electronics BNCCOMP BNC Compression Fitting for RG-59U
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    Price: $5.43
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      • BNC compression fitting for RG-59U
  3. MG Electronics W12.1mm 2.1 Male Power Plug with 12-inch Cable Stripper and Tinned
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    Price: $0.99
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      • 2.1mm Male power plug
      • 12" Cable
      • stripper and tinned
  4. MG Electronics BNC-26 - BNC "T" Adaptor one male to double female
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    Price: $1.53
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      • BNC "T" adapter one male to double female
  5. MG Electronics BNC-6 - Dual Female BNC Splice Connector
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    Price: $2.74
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      • Dual female BNC splice connector
  6. MG Electronics AC-6 4-Way 2.1mm Splitter
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    Price: $5.93
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      • 4-way splitter
      • 1x Male 2.1mm to 4x Female
      • 18" long

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6 Item(s)

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