Nascom Eclipse Tools RVS Systems Alpha Connectors


Nascom stands for innovation, quality, and unparalleled customer service. Our specialty is false alarm solutions. In fact, we are the only contact manufacturer to ever win the prestigious FALSE ALARM SOLUTIONS AWARD at The International Security Conference (ISC WEST). By designing collaboratively with dealer/installers, Nascom has been a leader in the magnetic contact industry for over 25 years.

All of our innovations have come as the result of listening closely to our customers. If you have a particularly challenging installation, give us a call at 800.843.5530. Let’s see if we can come up with a solution, together.

Our goals are to stop false alarms and cut installation time. Our products provide best in class quality with a sleek, profession look; products designed to meet or exceed your expectations.

Check out our News and Update section for Nascom’s up coming innovations.

  1. RVS Systems RVS-RCA5 5 Pin Female to RCA Female Adaptor

      • 5 pin Female to RCA Female with Male Power
      • Purpose of this adapter is for connecting any device with an RCA output to our multiplexer/monitor
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  2. $15.20
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  3. RVS Systems RVS-RCA-6P 5 Pin Male to RCA Male Adapter with Female Power Cable

      • 5 Pin Male to Male RCA with Male Power
      • Adapter is to connect our camera to any monitor with an RCA input
      • Female Power Cable to connect power to RCA adapters
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  4. $8.03
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  5. RVS Systems RVS-RCA5-AM 5 Pin Male to RCA Male Adaptor

      • 5 Pin Male to Male RCA with Male Power
      • Adapter is to connect our camera to any monitor with an RCA input
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  6. RVS Systems RVS-AD3 Adapter Cable For Safety Vision (4 Pin IP Female - 5 Pin Male)

      • Adapter cable with a four pin IP female (Safety Vision side) and 5 pin male (RVS side)
      • Cable allows connection of Safety Vision backup camera systems into the Rear View Safety backup camera systems
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    SKU: RVS-AD3
  7. Eclipse Tools 701-127 Uninsulated Wire Ferrules, 4/0 AWG x 32mm, 100 Pcs

      • Provides high quality termination and years of trouble free service
      • All ferrules are copper with tin plating (UL* and RoHS)
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    SKU: 701-127
  8. Eclipse Tools 902-563-50 50 Pcs QuikThru RJ45 - CAT6 External Shielded

      • Passthrough holes for excess wire and EASY sorting
      • 3 prong, 50µ gold contacts - the best!
      • Works on solid and stranded wire
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    SKU: 902-563-50
  9. $44.50
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    SKU: 902-550-100